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I like what I'm seeing and hearing about this game so far - I hope it turns out well.

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Yea!  I really want to play this soon, so this is great news.

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I think people had too high expectations for the game, including Ryan.  The Tim Schaefer name carries a lot of weight, and everyone wanted this to be his mass-market-hit game, which it's probably not.  But it's not bad either by any means, and is worth $60 more than other 3/5 star games that Ryan has reviewed like "SAW" and "Terminator: Salvation", in my opinion.
 I feel that is a limitation of the 5 star system, where there are only 5 categories a game could fall into.  I my opinion, compared to other games out there, it definitely deserves 4/5 stars.  That, or SAW and Terminator Salvation deserve 2/5.  All that said, it's just a video game review - which, despite the illusions the professional gaming media like to portray, is always personal opinion.  I've yet to read a gaming journalist I thought was actually subjective.  Their personal tastes always influence the review.

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I vote for the original, because it's a great example of the magic that was classic game music, when it was done correctly (which the SST band always did).  That's not a bad remix, however, and it does a nice job of bringing the old into the new.  Still, I vote for the original, the classic.

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@GreggD: I will give it a chance so yes, I will download the trial version probably.  I'm just not very hopeful for the game being worth purchasing at launch price.  I hope I'm wrong because I like these types of games.
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Since it's from the Matt Hazard developers I'm not holding out much hope of this being more than mediocre.  The screen shots appear to confirm my suspicion.  And I bet it will be $15, which is a straight-up no sale for me.

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I have also had the issue of getting the "disc unreadable" error on multiple games that used to work fine.  Both times Xbox support told me my disc drive was broken / dying and I had to send it in for warranty repair / replacement.  It sounds like your disc drive is dying and will have to be replaced at some point soon too, I'm sorry to say.  I've got no ideas otherwise as to what might be causing your issue.

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Cool another giveaway, and for a really great game too!  I likes me some...

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@Raven_Sword said:
" Well, for example I was big on thsoe Disney games that came out. Like the Aladdin game adn lion king game. I think thsoe are on both, but im not sure which was the better version. I also liked the XMEN 2 game on genesis. I like games like that. Like I said, I dont liek RPGs that much. I like Platformers, I like Mega man, I like mainly those Superhero games they had back than, where your jumping on the different 2d paltforms and shooting baddies. "
If I remember correctly the SNES versions of all the Disney games back then were better than their Genesis counterparts.  Also, a bunch of Mega Man games are only on the SNES.  In addition, most arcade ports were better on the SNES as well, technically and control-wise.  Again this is coming from a guy who owned the Genesis first and loved it as a kid, but always envied the SNES' superior tech.  The Street Fighter 2 example cited already is a great example of this.
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Yeah you should probably start with a SNES and then get a Genesis later, as the SNES is a phenomenal console with a ton of great games.  This coming from a guy who as a kid bought a Genesis early-on and ended up renting SNES systems and games a lot because they were just more compelling.  Streets of Rage was a great sidescrolling beat-em-up series for the Genesis, make no mistake - and there are other great games on the Genesis too.  But the SNES trumps the Genesis for me due to the better technology and sheer number of quality games, of all generas.