Great Games I Haven't Played Yet

I know these games are great - I've researched them, watched other people play them, etc.  But I've never actually played them myself.

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Posted by fisk0

Certainly a lot of games you should have played at least once in your life.

Quite a few I haven't played either, so your list was a great reminder.

Posted by jessej07

If 15 years of memory serves me right (it often doesn't), Time Gal is freaking awesome.  If you do play Time Gal and enjoy it, I recommend Revenge of the Ninja and Road Avenger. 
I will someday play Snatcher... if not, I'll just watch it on youtube.  I'm such a dork.

Posted by softdrinkviking

You can download "Beneath a Steel Sky" legally, for free, from GOG dot com. It's a gift from them because it's so short. A few others can be purchased as downloads there too, but for like 6-10 bucks each. 

Posted by shodan2020

I've always wanted to play Time Gal too. Snatcher and System Shock are amazing. I hope you get to play those soon. :)

Posted by StarFoxA

I wouldn't exactly call Robotrek a "great game." More like "decent game."

Posted by sandwich_adjustment

a lot of stuff. i suggest turning off your phone for a lot of these as they are long ones

Posted by redfoxbennaton

Cool, get a emulator man!!

Posted by Max_Cherry

Nam-1975 is a good game.