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@songwriter1987: There are day one Nvidia drivers that I think fixes most of these issues. Playing on an i3770k @ 4.5 ghz with a GTX680 4gb on everything Ultra except the super ambient occlusion setting and it is buttery smooth.

I decided to buy it, the reviews pretty much confirmed what I was expecting and i've been itching for a decent open wold GTA style game (Skipped Sleepy Dawgs). Graphics are pretty great and I've been having fun so far. The multiplayer has been a blast with the few games i've played of it.

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@spiralcut: Ya, I understand that. Just wondering if there is anything cross-faction functionality besides chat. In game username is @ Phlea if someone wants to invite.

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Just an FYI, you can join up to 5 guilds in game.

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Would love to join you guys but playing as Daggerfall Covenant. Does anyone know what the guild store functionality will be like? Last I heard was that you had to be in Cyrodiil to use it so no cross-faction guild store business, but that could be wrong or have changed.

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Was pretty dismissive of the game until I played it during the last beta weekend, had a good time. There is a 20% coupon for gmg floatin around if you're interested.

Beta keys for 14th through 17th:



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I played the alpha over the weekend (Explorer pack). Managed to get an iron pick crafted and a claim settled. My claim is currently on Courage-Knoll (Tier 2) just northwest of the wizard spires on top of the closest mountain. I really like what i've seen so far regardless of the server issues and claim rollbacks.

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I upgraded to Windows 8 for the performance increase, had been using it on my laptop for awhile. Its really not too bad. I didn't do any testing but it seemed like a solid 15 fps increase, this is on an i3770k at 4.5 ghz and GTX 680 FTW+ 4gb. There are plenty of programs to add the traditional start menu back, I don't ever see the metro screen - using Start8.

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I'll be playing on the West coast, mainly Seattle, Northern CA and some of the quicker LA servers. Would love to have someone in squad that uses voice - its been so quiet so far.

Same name on Origin as here.

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I had this issue during the beta and pbsetup.exe worked for me. Did you add the game and then check for updates? I would also make sure the game path is correct, I had to manually change mine.

pbsetup for anyone else with this issue:

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