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Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest! Please make Space Quest!
*ahem* That is all...

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@AnimalFather: I'm thinking Bioforge? It came out in 1995 and has a slightly transparent green cyborg hand on the box. Only 2 years in development, so going from box art here. :)
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I quit smoking almost a year ago (1 February 2010). I've struggled and fallen in a few times, but currently I'm clean! :D
I've smoked pot a few times, but it's been a while and if I never try it again, I don't really care. Never touched hard drugs.
I do drink on occasion.

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14... almost average... yay me? :P

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Gonna play my mage first, get my new skillz fix. 
And then I'm gonna make a new Worgen warrior.

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@tommy7154 said: 
"Also he does specifically mention saving $20 in the last line of the article."
You're right, he did. Sorry about that. Not entirely sure how I missed that.
@tommy7154 said: 
"I'll lean toward this just being a slightly sloppy article and not him lying about anything. I'd still like it cleared up by him though. Also if the price was actually 279.99 AFTER tax that would mean the price was around $250? Or was that an error in the article and the price was actually 279.99 BEFORE tax. Just curious because really I'd rather have a 120GB for $50 cheaper if that's going to be possible."
From what I've been able to gather from the unboxing, the 120GB SKU was 250$ before tax, 279.99$ after. In the unboxing Norm mentions that the 250GB SKU was 300$ before tax and around 327$ after. 
Also, according to wikipedia (might not be entirely reliable) the old SKUs (arcade, normal, elite) are being discontinued. That would mean MS only has one SKU on the marked, which seem very unlike them. My guess would be that the 120GB SKU will replace them at some point, but MS are not ready to announce it yet.
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@tommy7154 said:

"1. Your buddy Will apparently bought the 120GB, so should have the hard drive and the receipt to prove your claims. Yet absolutely no proof is shown."  

No, they went there to buy the 250GB SKU, because that's the one MS announced. Why would he then buy one with only 120GB?  

@tommy7154 said:

"2. You went back to the store for pictures? Ok, maybe Will was unavailable. Except then you say the stock was depleted, leaving you UNABLE to prove it's existence? Umm, Will has one....right???"    

Again, no. 


"3. You say that this 120GB Xbox was 279.99 AFTER tax (meaning LESS than that before tax...) yet then you ask "Do you think it's a good deal to trade half the hard drive space for a 20 dollar saving on the console"?"  

No, he wrote: "That's right; you can cut the storage space of the new 360 in half, and get the unit for a few bucks cheaper and a whole lot less storage space." No mention of a 20$ saving.


"So, why include the tax for the 120GB but not include it for the 250GB and call it a $20 savings? Obviously if what you say is true the 120GB model was LESS THAN 279.99 before tax, making it more than a $20 savings over the 250GB version."

Again, he made no mention of a 20$ saving. He merely mentions the 20$ price differential between what MS announced (300$) and what BestBuy charged (279.99$, or 250ish + tax), because that's the reason they knew something was wrong.
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I just watched the new Xbox 360 unboxing on and Will mentions that 120GB SKU. Were it just Matt's word alone, I might be inclined to think he made a mistake, but I trust Will's word on the matter. 
The people saying Will should have the 120GB model, needs to turn on their brain. He obviously didn't actually BUY it after seeing it was only 120GB. Would you if 50 bucks extra gave you twice the harddrive space?

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