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NO REBOOT. Create a sequel in a style of the Resident Evil 2 or Dead Space. Capcom should learn to keep things simple and don't bloat everything out. They did it right with REvelations so surely they can do the same with RE7.

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Excellent interview. Thanks for making the effort to have a good chat with Eduardo Sanchez.

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What are the biggest changes do you see in Pokemon X/Y?

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Gone but never forgotten. Thanks Yamauchi-san for everything. RIP.

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What an amazing tribute!

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One of my earliest and fondest memories of Ryan Davis was when he gave his thoughts on the PSP one year after its release. For some reason, he spoke really fast like a robot and I thought to myself, "who talks like this?" It was a humble beginning and from that point on, I became a huge fan of the classic GameSpot team that eventually formed Giant Bomb.

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I already didn't like Arkham City very much. I can't imagine a further sequel/prequel/whatever being all that interesting to me. The portable game, though...that could be interesting. Hoping it's not like Mirror of Fate or that level of "quality."

P.S. Arkham Asylum was my 2009 game of the year.

I admit I too didn't like Arkham City when I first played it but after playing it the second time, it has grown on me. But if I were to choose which is the best in the series: Arkham Asylum all the way.

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I'm hoping that this Silver Age Batman will have the classic blue cape/mask and yellow bat logo like in the comics. But after seeing the early concept art from GameInformer, looks like it might not be the case. Sigh!

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Man, that sucks.