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@vampire_chibi I absolutely agree with Evil Genius 2, Gangsters 3 and Tiberian Sun 2. The originals were fantastic.

Here's my top ten list:

  • The Suffering 3 - I'm a big fan of the Suffering series and the conclusion to pt 2 left a bad taste in my mouth as it felt inconclusive. I want more Torque action!
  • System Shock 3 - The story of SHODAN is far from over. I demand a third instalment right now!
  • Dungeon Keeper 3 - Dungeon Keeper Mobile does not count...
  • God Hand 2 - Capcom is known for making lots of sequels so it leaves me wondering why they still haven't made a sequel to this forgotten gem on the PlayStation 2. Probably it has something to do with Shinji Mikami leaving Capcom but whatever the case is, I want a sequel!
  • Killer7 II - One of my favourite Gamecube games by Suda 51 deserves a continuation. This could be a great addition to the Wii U library.
  • Army Men III - After Army Men II, the series went way downfall thanks to the idiotic marketing ploy by Trip Hawkins and the douchebags at 3DO. None of the games afterward came close to Army Men II in terms of replay value or even proper playability. I'm still waiting for some new Army Men goodness that looks AND plays well.
  • Final Fight 4 - Final Fight: Streetwise was a crap of a mess that didn't have any redeeming qualities like the original. Capcom should stop milking the Resident Evil series and instead, be focusing on treating these other franchises with love and care as well.
  • Condemned 3 - Condemned 2: Bloodshot had its flaws but I loved it more than its predecessor. Unfortunately, due to poor sales, Monolith said a sequel won't likely be happening in the near future. Damn...
  • Geist 2 - Another great gem on the Gamecube that I loved very much. This is one of the first-party games that Nintendo should bring back for the Wii U.
  • Gun II - The original was not a perfect game but I had tons of fun playing it years ago. The story continuation of protagonist Colton White would look great on next gen consoles. Here's hoping...
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Drums and guitar. My style is metal, rock and alternative.

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Mass Effect 2

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NO REBOOT. Create a sequel in a style of the Resident Evil 2 or Dead Space. Capcom should learn to keep things simple and don't bloat everything out. They did it right with REvelations so surely they can do the same with RE7.

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Excellent interview. Thanks for making the effort to have a good chat with Eduardo Sanchez.

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What are the biggest changes do you see in Pokemon X/Y?

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Gone but never forgotten. Thanks Yamauchi-san for everything. RIP.

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What an amazing tribute!