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The original Silent Hill games (1-4) have some of the best monster designs that I've seen.

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I want to say PS Vita because technically, it's more superior than the 3DS but gaming wise, there really isn't that many original games to play, only ports. The only good thing I love about my Vita is the ability to play classic PS1, PS2 and PSP games via PSN.

I suggest getting the 3DS.

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Haha! 5 years later, this topic is still going strong. That's cool.

The last PS3 I played was Vanquish. Lame-ass story but fantastic gameplay.

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Honestly, KQ6 is the only game I ever played in the series. I did try 5 and 7 but never got far; the art style and UI in 7 threw me off big time. I plan to play ALL King's Quest games in the future.

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@chaser324: I'll keep that in mind. Thank you so much!

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I recently created a poll about choosing your favourite King's Quest game in the series. I chose "King's Quest (Franchise)" as the specific board forum and when I click submit to confirm, the poll ended in the "Fire Flower" forum. Thinking I made a mistake, I deleted the poll and tried again but it keep bringing me back to Fire Flower.

Help please. Any idea how to fix this?

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ERROR: I'm not sure why this post is in the Fire Flower forum. I chose the King's Quest (Franchise) twice and it won't work. Any ideas how to fix this?

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The trailer itself looks great but it's telling the wrong story. Hitman is about stealth, disguises, assassinations and silent kills. I know because I've played all the Hitman games, including Codename 47. This trailer hasn't got any of that, except for the disguise part.

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Well said. I actually got to know Metallica during the Load and ReLoad era and I immediately fell in love with the band. From Kill 'em All to the Black Album to Load to Death Magnetic, I love everything that they do (except Lulu. That was horrendous!). Megadeth is my 2nd favourite Big Four; the Marty Friedman era is my favourite. Anthrax - I like a few of their songs. Slayer - love the ex-drummer Dave Lombardo but I'm not a fan of the band's lyrics and subject matters.

@twisted said:

Metallica - I was majorly into Metallica for a few years, and having moved on from them I'd still rank their early albums as the pinnacle of thrash metal. They are all-round masterpieces. I also didn't think St. Anger was too bad, I liked a couple of songs on there. And Death Magnetic was pretty good. I actually never once listened to Load or Reload because of their reputations, which might be a mistake. However, an even bigger mistake was listening to all of Lulu. I don't know why I did, it was 90 minutes of torturous wank.

Megadeth - Liked them almost as much as Metallica. Especially, as a guitarist myself (though not so much anymore :( I should get back into that... ), I just adored the riffs and the solos. Absolutely amazing, though shit hard to play. I didn't listen to much of their work post Rust In Peace as I didn't like what I did. But I thought Endgame was a great album. Heard terrible things about Super Collider, I think I listened to it once but I don't even remember anything about it.

Slayer - I love everything about their dark, violent style. Some great riffs and awesome lyrics. I still can't believe Jeff Hanneman passed away, he was the better guitarist too IMO. I thought their last album, World Painted Blood, was good as well.

Anthrax - I just plain never listened to much of these guys at all. Probably a mistake, but I just never heard anything that grabbed me.

Testament and Exodus are totally cool too. And actually Exodus' recent album The Electric Age was awesome. My favourite album of whatever year it was released, 2012 I think.

Also, Black Sabbath is just plain one of the best metal bands ever. Still listen to their stuff (and I really don't listen to much music at all anymore) and I thought their last album was great, some really excellent tracks on there.