Games That Are Just So Wrong

Inspired by the Moral Kombat (Yes, Moral, not Mortal) film, I've decided to list down of what I think are the most morally disturbing and dysfunctional video games. This is not a hate list but more of a reality check that all gamers should be aware of. Normally as a gamer, I would defend violence and moral values in gaming and try to convince everyone that it's not the children's fault for having a negative impact from playing them but it's more of the parents' parenting. But in this case, there are just some games that should not be made because of its ethically wrong contents and morally bad values.
These are some of them:

List items

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@Red12b: Haha, I#ve never heard of it. Thanks for the suggestion.
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now it's a list.

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Never heard of that last one before. Do they still sell it locally?

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@Nymphonomicon: Gee, I'm not sure, but I think it's available for download somewhere. Go check it out if you're REALLY that curious. :P
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i feel kinda bad cause i own all these games.