Heroes That Need Speech Therapy

Heroes come in all shapes and sizes and for the most part, the share the same attributes. They help the innocents, they fight for the greater good and they possess amazing skills. However, if there's one thing that they don't really have in common is the ability to speak. This is mostly common in video games where the main characters don't give any verbal feedback or response to anyone and sometimes, it works.

Modern Warfare for example, it's about immersing yourself in the environment. It's not about you; it's about seeing the world around you crumble to dust and you can make a change not as a stereotypical hero, but as a regular guy that blends in a crowd. The entire focus is the gameplay and not the main character and as such, Quake Guy from Quake, Lester Knight Chaykin from Another World and the dudes from the Call of Duty series are passable.

However, if the focus of attention is this one person because only he/she has the power to stop all evildoers, then it's a different story. I myself am a strong advocate of main protagonists that talk because it makes sense. Why wouldn't you? If the hero:

  • Is in the front cover of a game box
  • Has a name
  • Have NPCs that talk to you,

...I expect him to give a verbal response (unless if the person is quiet in nature or a mute).

Here is a list of the characters which I believe should attend a speech therapy (if there is one). Characters that have successfully graduated from the speech therapy are as follows:

Any suggestions? Send your submission in the comments below.

Not arranged in any particular order:

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