Unappreciated Games that Deserve some Credit and Recognition

Here are some of the games that were either not well-received by the critics or were cast out from the limelight. They may not be the best games you ever play but really, there are not as bad as people said it'd be.
(Not in any particular order)

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Posted by ahoodedfigure

Will be cool to see more of your reflections on why the games should be better appreciated. Always good to see lists like this.

Posted by Psykhophear
@ahoodedfigure: I will if I have the time to do so but your comment has encouraged me to a whole new level. Thanks so much for recommending my list. Means a lot dude. :)
Posted by EliminatoR

Call of Cthulhu is really good,aside from some nasty moments.It's actually very scary and creepy,and a good experience.It feels like one of those detective movies but with a good sense of horror. 
Also other games I wish to mention ...Metal gear Ac!d 2,The Suffering,SpellForce and Unreal Tournament III (why so underrated)
Posted by pikeplacer

My son love the Small Soilders movie
Posted by Rheinmetall

Interesting list, I will check some of these games if I find them in the stores. From this list I have only played Alone In The Dark for the PS2 and it was one of my worst gaming experiences.