Worst Game Companies (or Companies That Are Losing Their Touch)

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Posted by IceyIkey

I agree with a lot of the things you said about the companies, but I beg to differ with Rare and Sega. Rare was good up until the point Microsoft bought it, and thus, they haven't made a half-decent game since the CBFD and Banjo-Kazooie remakes. And as for Sega, it seemed vague and biased what you said about it.

Posted by theAllez99

Isn't 3DO the comany that mad Worms?

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Wisdom Tree were known as Color Dreams before they went "born-again Christian", as it were. Many of their Bible-themed games are actually their older games redressed in Sunday School clothing, so to speak. They never were good at coding games; just good at bypassing the NES's lock-out chip. (even their most '(in)famous' hit [Super Noah's Ark for the SNES, which was their only 16-bit game, I believe] used the code for Wolfenstein 3D.)