Worst Game Companies (or Companies That Are Losing Their Touch)

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Posted by IceyIkey

I agree with a lot of the things you said about the companies, but I beg to differ with Rare and Sega. Rare was good up until the point Microsoft bought it, and thus, they haven't made a half-decent game since the CBFD and Banjo-Kazooie remakes. And as for Sega, it seemed vague and biased what you said about it.

Posted by theAllez99

Isn't 3DO the comany that mad Worms?

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Wisdom Tree were known as Color Dreams before they went "born-again Christian", as it were. Many of their Bible-themed games are actually their older games redressed in Sunday School clothing, so to speak. They never were good at coding games; just good at bypassing the NES's lock-out chip. (even their most '(in)famous' hit [Super Noah's Ark for the SNES, which was their only 16-bit game, I believe] used the code for Wolfenstein 3D.)

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Well. SEGA is kind of bad compared to EA and well as CAPCOM. Because for what reasons, remember when TotalBiscuit lost all of his Shining Force III videos on YouTube and warned YouTuber to not upload and post the Shining Force videos or else the SEGA will flag your videos as copyright claims. Imagine if EA flagged the videos about games brought by EA such as Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Battlefield, The Sims, Command and Conquer, Need for Speed and other games from EA on YouTube. Right now, I have boycotted SEGA just like TotalBiscuit boycott SEGA. But unlike TotalBiscuit who lost the Shining Force III videos on YouTube, I just got banned by SEGA for no reasons. They're think I'm threaten, that's bull$#!+! I've also boycott ATLUS which is same as SEGA, but it was before SEGA took over ATLUS. SEGA should rename their company, SOPA (named after infamous SOPA who want to ban the internet, block the website and censoring online similar to PIPA) which I made the picture. SEGA is like EA and CAPCOM. In fact, SEGA is a partnership with EA and CAPCOM. Ubisoft was also became a worst video game industry/company since EA. SEGA was not only first video game industry in Japan, but it was CAPCOM was also first worst video game industry in Japan. The #1 worst video game industry on worldwide is EA. Also the subsidiary studio from SEGA, Relic Entertainment the former subsidiary studio for THQ (which THQ has been ended in January 2012 due to bankrupt and financial problem) where they made Company of Heroes 2 as anti-Soviet and Soviet war crime which Soviet is a main antagonist for Company of Heroes 2 rather Germany as main villain. Gamers and critics from Russia and other countries from Soviet region (including BadComedian the Russian critic) were boycott and protest on SEGA and Relic for making Russophobia/Anti-Russian, Nazi influences and lack of historical accuracy in Company of Heroes 2. Trip Hawking was also founder of two video game industries are EA and 3DO.


I would like to thanks for AVGN (Angry Video Game Nerd) from Cinemassacre for show us the worst games back in internet such as YouTube. They show us the video about bad games and consoles that gave negatived and low scored review by critics. AVGN made funny scenes and epic moments compared it to Nostalgia Critic from TGWTG (That Guy With The Glasses) studio known as Channel Awesome where battle between AVGN vs. Nostalgia Critic on duel. One of most hated video game industry goes to LJN according to Angry Video Game Nerd.