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There should be a separate blog of things Dan hasn't eaten, or how long it took him to eat mundane things.

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Wipeout XL / 2097

Destruction Derby

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Some images in the Destiny wiki are from the Alpha / Beta, which had different damage values. They revised all of the damage figures down drastically during the move to final code.

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Use a fusion rifle and you'll see there is a huge trade-off... you miss, you have to wait for another charge which can be 2-3 seconds away during which you're helpless outside of melee range. Also I've landed hits with it that, since the last 2 or 3 rays of fusion-ness missed, did not one-shot my target, so you're exaggerating a bit in that regard as well. You do not notice the times you were hit by a fusion rifle and survived because you get no indication of what weapon you were hit with unless you died.

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Reminds me of this episode, when Ryan played the shitty 3D remakes of arcade classics, might you be thinking of this?

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My thoughts?

-Cry less

-Use more skill

-Don't play it

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Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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Give them some time, they have to adjust to their new office.

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I've repeatedly played through Candy box 1 and 2 at work. It's great.