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My thoughts?

-Cry less

-Use more skill

-Don't play it

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Euro Truck Simulator 2.

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Give them some time, they have to adjust to their new office.

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I've repeatedly played through Candy box 1 and 2 at work. It's great.

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I had a lot of trouble with my NES carts, until I opened them and rubbed the contacts down with a pencil eraser. Now they boot the first time 9 out of 10 times.

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@ezakael said:

I played on one of my friends accounts for a bit back when Burning Crusade was the only expansion. So I'd say maybe 3-4 hours? I was never big on WoW and the game has been around so long now I don't really have much of a desire to start it up.

I wish Final Fantasy 14 had a playtime counter.

Oh shit, you reminded me that a friend of mine let me use his account while he took a vacation from it, and I used his 70 rogue to PVP. Had to be at least another day or two there...

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I don't even bother with addons anymore. All I need to know is my threat level on the mobs I'm tanking and if they are casting to do my job.

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@icybankz said:

That's sick...

Hella sick, brah.

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Rorie talked about his total play time this week on the podcast, estimating about 3000 hours.

That made me take the time to total up all of my characters.

11 Characters - 3 at 90, 1 at 85, 1 at 80, a few low levels for testing classes

Most hours:

Psylah - My main - Protection warrior. I just crested 200 days played.

Adding the rest my total comes to:

~345 days. Some extra hours by the side, but in total that is over 8,280 hours since 2005.

Total up your playtime, let's see who's had it the worst.

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Flawless work.

Nerf is my secret shame. I have a tub of pretty much every N-Strike hidden away in my closet.

I got a Slingfire early last month, since Amazon got in a limited number and sold them before street date. The performance is underwhelming, but it is a joy to handle.

I'm sure you'd love to paint one of them up.