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What the fuck

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Holy shit, how is that not just straight up Vinny. Of all the Bombadiers, Vinny seems to have the greatest number of convincing lookalikes.

It is Vinny. Dressed up at GDC.

Also here is the link to the old Female Jeff Gerstmann

The Youtube link seems to be dead though.

I took the screenshot before GDC 2013, when the Class of GDC booth was set up. Unless they did this in years prior, which I am not aware of.

Also, the class of GDC pictures were all taken with this background

And I see that photo coming up in a reverse google image search going back to 2009.

The way those games work (4 pics, choose the word they all refer to) is that they tap into stock photo image databases and use their keywords to link them together. So unless Vinny was doing stock photo shoots for money on the side in college, I doubt that it's him.


Apparently it is a man named Iman Masshad from Iran.

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One down, many more to go. Have a drink.

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I see you're feeling blue, cbk.

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What's the answer to the game? Oh it looks like it could be from a lost GotY shoot the GB guys did.

The word was takeoff, as in he was taking off his scarf.

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First manual I drove was a 1.3l Toyota Tercel, taught myself to drive manual with its 4 speed.

Next manual was a 95 Camaro Z28 convertible with a 383 stroker motor that was my dad's, he drove it daily until it overheated and the heads warped.

My last manual was a 95 S14 240SX with an RB26DETT swap, and 5 speed transmission from an RB25 drivetrain. Had just about 380hp, and at full throttle the whole car would shake like crazy, it was way too much motor for the car without more reinforcement. Sold it a few years ago.

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Battlefield Earth. No question. Saw it in a second run theater for a buck and I was not disappointed as to how terrible the thing was...

Saw it in its first run. Goddamn it.

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@animasta: When someone blanks me I make sure they blank in my blank and then we flip over and I blank back into their blank.

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Beanies are life, Skinny Jeans are hometown.

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@jadegl: aw yiss mutha fuckin D'deridex.

I grinded STO for 2 days straight trying to get it, realized I couldn't get it (or even buy it) if I was United Fed, then grinded out a Romulan in a day and a half and was cruising.