I hate the SC2 Beta...

So i'm one of the unlucky people that haven't gotten a SC2 Beta key. I have though, been fortunate enough to have a mate that has it. (He received a friend beta key a couple of weeks ago).
I played starcraft for around 5-6 years in a semi-serious role. I lost interest a few years ago to other games (namely WOW). Although that's the case, Starcraft 2 has really piqued my interest since i've played it. Its the same old game in which I fell in love with, but so so much more.  Since I've played the beta, I have been looking up strats at work, and when i get home I watch replays. I see that love for Starcraft returning, more than ever. The main thing in which I hate now, is the fact that I have to wait until release to play the game when I have a mate that is sitting at home playing it now, giving me crap. He was the one that never played Starcraft, and I have to wait while my crack-like addiction festers into something which I cannot bare.
Is anyone else in the same boat as myself?
FYI, I recently had a look on ebay for a beta key, but $300 is a tad steep...


Microsoft is killing my love for the 360...

Ok, I used to be a massive PC gamer, played CS 1.6, Starcraft back in the day, went on to WoW and TF2 etc. Before all of that i owned a PS1.

After my love for WoW was gone, i turned to the 360. And it replaced my PC... All my gaming consisted of the 360 whilst the PC was left collecting dust.

Recently i have been venturing into DLC due to finances being tight this time of year, I check GB and www.majornelson.com for updates on sales and other happenings with Xbox Live, and although its taken a long time for me to catch on, there is hardly anything available for people who do not live in the US. Its always US only this, US only that. If anyone wants to have a read of majornelson.com today, Larry has posted up the Black Friday deals, as GB has also. So far about 200 comments have been made about how Microsoft has never been good to their customer base other than inside the US (mostly).

I pay premium prices for my xbox (Elite is $549, Pro is $399), xbox live ($90ish a year), xbox games ($80-110 RRP).

Its a massive slap in the face by Microsoft to not offer the same services to anyone out of the US, not even Canada get the same service. Major Nelson as a community manager says that he tries to get the content out there, but Microsoft 'have tried and have too many issues rolling it out', presumably due to licensing agreements and such.

But why can't Xbox UK, Europe, AUS etc come up with deals which suit us. I'm not saying that the Black Friday deals should be in Australia (we don't celebrate it), but what about days such as Australia Day, Boxing Day, Good Friday etc... We don't see anything like that, only US people seem to be favored in terms of these offereings.
What about an Australian/UK/European equivalent to NetFlix, or an equivalent to the deals that seem to happen every week for US only customers.

We all pay for consoles and get substandard hardware (ie RROD), Most people pay for Xbox Live and get a substandard service (No Netflix, no specials etc).
PC gaming seems to be different, the whole 'region' debacle isn't as prominant, everything is more widely available. In regards to PS3, PSN is free to use, and it don't seem to have as harsh region issues either.

Next time my 360 RROD's, It's going to take something special for me to buy another one. Maybe i should go back to the PC or buy a PS3? I may get value for money. Yes the console price is higher, there are some 360 only titles which i would miss, but at least then I wont have to pay for a substandard online service.

Does anyone else have the same opinion?


#1 Priority = Gears of War 2

Ok so i've recently started a new job and money is abit scarce, especially when one now gets paid monthly.

Originally i was going to get the following:

- Fable 2
- Fallout 3
- Gears of War 2
- Mirrors Edge
- Call of Duty: World at War
- Guitar Hero: World Tour
- CnC Red Alert 3
- Need for Speed: Undercover
- Tom Clancy's End War
- Dead Space

Now i've had to pull it down to:

- Fable 2 (already aquired)
- Gears of War 2

This time of the year is the most depressing time of year for any hardcore gamer which has any financial difficulty. I will end up getting 1 or 2 more of those games, but it wont be until after the new year and until i get off probation from my job.

And Game Developers wonder why people pirate games... I admit that i've done my fair share of piracy, but i've turned legit... I'd much rather have a legit 360/PC collection sitting there, rather than having a CD wallet full of games that i barely play, but there are SO many games that I want to play i can see exactly why people pirate games in the first place, but everyone has their reasons I guess.

But at the end of the day, its all in the priorities, right?


Spore = Hype = Badddd

Ah.. It seems like the last month has been the 'Lets hype up a game heaps and disappoint people month'...

It wasn't what i expected, but it seems like an alright game... It just takes too long to get 'into it'... Oh well, thats my opinion.


All of you are sheep! (...Ok most of you)

I beleive people should just play games that they want to play, don't get caught up in this whole debate about develiopers being lunatics, Law suits and counter suits going everywhere...

I played the demo, and it had a few kinks, but all in all it looks like a game that i'll enjoy, so i'll get it once it gets released in Australia. Too many people in the gaming community are sheep and just follow what everyone else says.


Make up your own minds people! If you liked the demo, GO AND GET THE GAME!.. If you didn't, then don't get the game.

Fair enough if you want to take all the bad reviews on board, but most reviewers know all too well about what the game has gone through in terms of platforms, engines, funding etc. And they judge the game on those facts.People don't generally note the reviews out there that gave Too Human a good wrap (yes there are those reviews). We wouldn't be having this conversation if it was a game that was only in development for 2 or so years. I only knew the game was in development about 6-8 months ago, so i didn't get caught up in all the crap that went on 9-10 years ago.

All i do know is, i'm not going to listen to all the power trippers out there that think their word can change everyone elses.

Get over it, either buy the game, or don't. I know what my choice is.


I <3 the GB :)

GiantBomb is simply amazing site.

Things that make it stand out above the rest:

1. One stop shop for reviews/blogs/forums/pod(bomb)casts
2. Awesome community
3. New... Fresh smell ;)
4. Awesome staff and mods (so far :P)
5. GB actually wants community input
6. Its like a big family ;)

I'll definitely be staying for a while! I know alot of you are going to do the same!