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@SagaciousJones said:


-Fast dynamic combat

-More accessible than previous DMCs


-Story is inspid

-Writing is embarassing

-Later levels are lacking

Glad to see a proper honest critique from a respectable gaming journalist. Pretty much every other mainstream review site is blindly praising the "bold energetic" redesign.

Some choice quotes:

"A main character who, while original, is every bit an empty adolescent power fantasy. Hell may not be other people; it may be just spending 15 hours with him."

"To be fair, Ninja Theory has made this the most understandable DMC game, but it works to the game's disadvantage because it highlights how uninteresting it is."

"Nearly every line of dialog set my teeth on edge. It's adolescent, it's puerile, and it's nowhere near as sassy and clever as the game thinks it is."

"A good game lost in a juvenile tantrum. It may be acceptable to a unique demographic, but for many others, it's a game you might want to play when no-one else is around."

And since I've played the demo to see just how shallow the combat is (maybe it's impressive to people who play God of War or something), I've had pretty much every one of my biased expectations confirmed. Thanks Ninja Theory!

I love how you agree and respect Adam's review, then you actually cancelled out one of the things he said he likes (Fast dynamic combat) by saying played the demo and disliked it. You basically just pointed out how people can have different opinions in your own post. Nobody is forcing you to play DMC, but at least make since in your post instead spending 90% of your day trying to find the bad review, then agree with it, then disagreeing with what you felt is an accurate review. And to be honest I don't recall any DMC's having a great story, great writing or amazing level design or depth.

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I'm assuming max settings you're speaking of and it will run starcraft 2 and diablo 3 fine, but BF3 and Metro 2033 not so much, you're looking at 35 fps avg with constant dips under 25 which is unplayable. Like the guy above said get a GTX or I would personally recommend a Radeon HD 6950 2gig, especially if you prefer multiple monitors.

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Thanks to the brand new Fire Team Multiplayer Dev Commentary for Medal of Honor: Warfighter, EA announces in the beginning intro bit of the video that the Battlefield 4 beta is indeed coming.

In order to get your hands on the Battlefield 4 beta, you must pre-order the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor: Warfighter, no other alternative ways of entry is known at this point. More information will be provided in the future at the official Battlefield 4 webpage. The beta is scheduled to release in the Fall of 2013.

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GIANT BOMB-4-LYFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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League of legends dominion
 (New Map, New Game-Type)



Many of you may have been wondering out loud just what we have in store for the future. Today we are pleased to give you your first look at League of Legends: Dominion, the largest game update in the history of League of Legends. This update will feature not only a brand new map, but also an entirely new game mode showcasing innovative gameplay never before attempted in the MOBA genre.

For quite some time, all of you have been clamoring for new battlefields upon which to test your skills against other summoners in League of Legends. We're pleased to announce that we've heard you, and that for over a year our Design Team has been working tirelessly to craft Dominion into a truly new and groundbreaking experience.

On the Crystal Scar players will battle for control of five capture points, holding them to damage their enemies' nexus. The game ends when one team had seized control long enough to drain the opposing team's nexus down to zero. Battles last around 20 minutes, and focus on high-intensity, player-versus-player combat. If you've been looking for a fast-paced, high-intensity competitive gaming experience, this is what you've been waiting for.

We're taking Dominion on the road during convention season this year, allowing you to get your hands on the new game mode at both Gamescom in Cologne, Germany and PAX Prime in Seattle, Washington! Stay tuned for more details as we draw closer to these exciting events.

To find out more about this upcoming game mode and new Field of Justice, as well as get your first look at what Dominion will be like in action,   visit the official Dominion Website.

Some of you have expressed interest in when Dominion will be available worldwide, and we wanted to respond to that directly. While we take a “when it’s ready” approach to our feature releases, you will be able to play Dominion in a nearly complete state at GamesCom (August 17-21) in Europe and at PAX Prime (August 26-28) in North America.

League of Legends: Dominion will make it into your daily play schedule shortly after PAX.

Keep an eye out on our website over the month of August for more information, video documentaries, trailers, live streams and gameplay previews.

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@imsh_pl: that's great I know that I am just referring to what other people say as they treat Lulsec as a person. Mainly the guy tweeting
LulzSec The Lulz Boat
LulzSec The Lulz Boat
5 minutes ago"
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Lulsec isn't arrested nor did he get kicked out of anonymous or try to hack them.

LulzSec The Lulz Boat
5 hours ago
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Once again Lulzsec group strikes again! This group has been hacking away, minecraft eve online and not even an hour ago hacked league of legends. Servers are down =(!/lulzsec

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Because they have, and won't have any issue selling it through their own service. Any copy sold on steam, steam takes a % of the money.