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Alan Wake is great, def play that one. Forza Horizon is fantastic. Not a race game guy, but Horizon is laid back, open world driving fun. Also, I put a ton of time into World of Tanks. Fun and free.

Crackdown. Yes, play Crackdown.

Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts is also an underrated, exclusive gem!

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done! looking forward to see what the community comes up with.

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Most of your comments re: Alien and the bad xeno suit also apply to Jaws. The mechanical shark was terrible, never worked right, so Spielberg had to rely on shots of a dorsal fin and other tricks to build suspense.

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@daze said:
  • Setting and atmosphere look great, I might have misheard but, I think that some of the enemies spoke some english so they might be human?
  • The way the fire bomb hit the guy's arm and caught fire looked awesome. It was a shame he missed the boss with it.
  • Also the way the blood stayed on the floor and the player was pretty cool.

It is a shame that it is a PS4 exclusive I may have to settle with watching it on youtube or something.

I wonder how "exclusive" it will be. Forever exclusive, or maybe we'll see it on other systems in a year or so? Hoping for the latter.

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Agree with you on Super Meat Boy Forever. Checked it at PAX and it didn't play well at all. Hope it was the device, and I hope they polish it up to Rayman Jungle Run/Fiesta Run levels of precision. COuld be great, but right now I don't have a good feeling about it. At all.

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For 2.5 billion, you could buy sanity. Also love and happiness.

Having that amount of cash presents it's own, new problems re: "sanity". It's like the curse of winning the lottery. Most people's lives completely fall apart after a giant windfall. Here's to hoping Notch hasn't just traded one set of problems for another.

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How is it that I can go to Amazon right now and order a brand new copy of Too Human for $20?

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Ryse. A ton of fun. And I'm having a great time with the multiplayer.

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"I don’t know if it’s possible for Kinect to learn a primary voice over time, but that would be awfully useful in the future."

I think it can learn a primary voice over time. If this is any indication, the 360 version of Kinect did indeed learn my voice over time. It will not respond to commands from my wife and son, but it correctly interprets my voice commands 99% of the time.

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@dedbeet said:

Really didn't imagine them launching after PS4. I thought Jeff Gerstmann's idea was solid; launch on the 5th with Call of Duty. Probably won't really make a difference but that's some missed synergy.

Or throw in Call of Duty:Ghost for free with U.S. pre-orders.