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S Rank = You got all the achievements.

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West on Amazon for 360: $8.00

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I guess I am just to slow, but 30 seconds to think of a word and type it in with the controller without mistakes often lead to me screwing up turns.

It's frustrating when you've thought of the word, but can't input with the controller fast enough.  I've been considering getting a chatpad if I can find a really inexpensive one.
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@jozzy said:

 Actually, the worst problem this game has is the really short timer you get for a turn.

I figured this was so people online don't just plug the letters into some online anagram unscrambler. 
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I own the game and play it (online and off).  Not perfect, but it's fun and inexpensive.  I hope this doesn't deter people from giving it a shot.
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Do it!  Just make it a smaller scale, download only sequel for PC/PSN/XBLA.  Follow the Remedy model a la Alan Wake: American Nightmare, but release on all platforms known to man.

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Best live music I've ever seen (big arena shows):

Bruce Springsteen - Phenomenal. Haven't seen him in about 5 yrs, so it would probably be a little bit less of a show today without the Big Man (RIP Clarence)

U2 - Unforgetttable Fire tour and Joshua Tree Tour

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I'd say go for it.

  • Gear of War, Halo and Fable are great exclusive franchises.  All provide enjoyable single player experiences if that's what you're into.
  • Get a bundle with Kinect.  It may not change your life, but there are a few great Kinect experiences that shouldn't be missed by any gamer (Kinect Sports, Gunstringer, Double Fine Happy Action Theater, Dance Central 2, Child of Eden).
  • Indie Games:  I've had a lot of fun experimenting with the Xbox Indie Games Channel.  Lots of crap on there, but also some true gems.  With a little internet research (right here on Giantbomb too) you can drop only a few dollars for some great gaming experiences.
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I got 3 months of XBL Gold from an add about 2 yrs ago.  I now enter everything.  And win nothing.

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Hmmm... Do this, they should NOT (in Yoda voice).

If they want to do away with used games sales, or at least make a big dent, give us more incentives to buy digital versions that can''t be resold. Price the digital version cheaper than the retail product, and release the games on demand version the same day as the retail release.