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if you fancy action RPGs, then Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning.  I'm finding it very enjoyable.

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Also, if John Davison begins to do some guest appearances on the Bombcast I will be very happy :)

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@Impossibilium said:

What happens as a merger begins is not how it ends.

So true!  I know this from real-life work experience.  This is my primary concern.   I guess only time will tell, but the odds of "everything staying the same" are not in GB's favor.   That said, if the GB crew is happy then I'm happy for them!
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I really enjoyed Dungeon Siege III.  Oh well... now I don't feel bad for buying it used (at a pawn shop no less).  Sounds like it all came down to the FNV metacritic score.

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S Rank = You got all the achievements.

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Enslaved: Odyssey to the West on Amazon for 360: $8.00

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I guess I am just to slow, but 30 seconds to think of a word and type it in with the controller without mistakes often lead to me screwing up turns.

It's frustrating when you've thought of the word, but can't input with the controller fast enough.  I've been considering getting a chatpad if I can find a really inexpensive one.
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@jozzy said:

 Actually, the worst problem this game has is the really short timer you get for a turn.

I figured this was so people online don't just plug the letters into some online anagram unscrambler. 
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I own the game and play it (online and off).  Not perfect, but it's fun and inexpensive.  I hope this doesn't deter people from giving it a shot.
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Do it!  Just make it a smaller scale, download only sequel for PC/PSN/XBLA.  Follow the Remedy model a la Alan Wake: American Nightmare, but release on all platforms known to man.