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I've been waiting for this for three years, glad they update the CPU and brought back the original size.

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Zeldas ok, so long as is doesn't turn into Smash Bros.

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Nice work keeping it relevant with the Robin Williams stuff. Damn, I find him much funnier now than when I was a kid, classic!

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Tomb Raider's not going to save Xbox, it just shows that Microsoft is still the same company buying out winners rather than creating their own. Man they were pushing Halo at that conference, could not be less interested myself.

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What are you doing Phill Spencer, you're supposed to be "gamer friendly" like Sony! Microsoft just buy successful franchises and games, they never make their own.

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Ahhh, Wii don't need U... remember me?... I'm a gamer too man!

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Seems Nintendo invested in this one to tide their Zelda fans over till the next game is released. Hopefully that won't be more than two years away.

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Surely these headlines can remain part of your personal blog Patrick, wouldn't say it classifies as news.

Have you ever watched a Giant Bomb video or listened to a Giant Bomb podcast? Yoshi is a pretty popular discussion/joke here.

My criticism was more about how the headline was focused on a personal opinion rather than the content of the article. Clearly I got it wrong as I've had a few replies similar to yours, so I'll shut up :)

I agree with you ptys. But I care only enough to write these two sentences.

Two sentences is better than dead silence... so thanks!