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I this doesn't come to Wii U before the next console, I'm out... permanently.

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I'm on Wii U but think I'm going PC for my next gaming machine, will be a Steam Box no doubt.

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Anyone who saw the first Kinect video, with the cool paper thing... will know what to expect.

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Well lucky I just moved back to New Zealand after ten years across the ditch, it sucks for them though.

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That's good value, but without SF5... no dice.

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Tit for tat I guess. All these guys are doing is pushing more people to the PC so they can play both.

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I think Assassins Creed would be a beloved series if they just stuck to a two or (god forbid) three year cycle. Wish they picked another IP to burn to the ground.

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Calling this an interview is a bit of a stretch. I appreciate that he was nice enough to lift a couple of fingers to punch out an answer or two though.

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The White Console looks great, although strange they left the black trim on the controller.