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@corruptedevil: Yeah true. The Japanese shop staff are actually pretty strict with selling to westerners. I bought a blue Vita from Bic Camera and the guy was like "you prob. won't be able to play this in your country", almost trying to talk me out of the sale. Then the girl behind the counter said "you realise this is a blue one right?" lol. I really want to buy a copy of Fatal Frame for my Wii U just to test as it's out in Sept, but I know it won't play.

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@corruptedevil: Yeah, my GFs from there so I'm actually trying to learn the language. Will prob. just play Japanese games for practice. Thanks for the heads up though ;)

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I'm in Japan this October and this seems only priced at 16000 yen which is A$164.00. I'll prob. pick one up.

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I've been waiting for this for three years, glad they update the CPU and brought back the original size.

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Zeldas ok, so long as is doesn't turn into Smash Bros.

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Nice work keeping it relevant with the Robin Williams stuff. Damn, I find him much funnier now than when I was a kid, classic!

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Tomb Raider's not going to save Xbox, it just shows that Microsoft is still the same company buying out winners rather than creating their own. Man they were pushing Halo at that conference, could not be less interested myself.

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What are you doing Phill Spencer, you're supposed to be "gamer friendly" like Sony! Microsoft just buy successful franchises and games, they never make their own.