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I've realized that this game is the perfect game to own digitally, but I've already have been playing on my physical copy for months now. Is there any way to move my town from my cartridge and use a digital copy instead?

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I love how everyone seems to be a market analyst and knows better then Nintendo on how to run a business. They've been in business for over a hundred years, I think they know a thing or two about business. This thing isn't for tech savvy people like us. It's for young kids, it's for casual gamers, it's for poor people. I got my first gaming system, a NES, when I was like 4 or 5, which would of been 1991. The Genesis was already out, but did I care? Hell no! I had a lot of fun with it. That's where this thing fits in, and at that price point, fits in nicely.

I worked at a GameStop in a really ghetto area a couple years ago, where most people lived below the poverty line, and probably 80% collected welfare or some kind of federal aid. When they would go Christmas shopping, you think they were buying 300 dollar playstation bundles? When they could have a brand new Wii for 100 bucks and had an absolute shit ton of dirt cheap titles they could get? Hell no. This thing will probably fly off the shelves, and Nintendo knows it, that's why their doing it.

They have people who made decisions like, "Hey, instead of chasing the competition, let's do something different" a few years back with the Wii. How'd that work out for them? Pretty damn well. So I think it's hilarious that you people who most likely have 0 business sense or experience sit on your high horses and criticize Nintendo for this move. Go invent your own damn console, become a global power, and then come talk shit.

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Can anyone tell me where to put the file? I looked all over for the directory that Dark Souls installed itself into, but when I put it into the steam/steamapps/common/darksouls/data folder the game no longer would launch until I removed it.

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Please don't allow Leah Alexander to drink if you feature her on any bombcasts... In fact, just don't let her on any bombcasts. All I could think of when I read the title was her drunken self saying "And that was E3" over and over again like she did two(?) years ago.

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As soon as I read this i knew....that Alex finally wrote a funny title?

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I feel like Patrick really missed the ball on Downpour. Yeah the combat kinda sucks but it's not supposed to be Bayonetta-smooth, that would take all the tension out of the game. I think when he finally finishes it we'll hear a different story on the next bombcast.

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@Grixxel said:

@Puaru said:

I knew this was an Alex article just by looking at the retarded title.

I knew this was an Alex article just by scrolling down and seeing some retard point out the same thing. Like every other article by him.

You're so witty.

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I knew this was an Alex article just by looking at the retarded title.

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@TheHT: @TheHT said:

@N7 said:

@TheHT: There we go. I couldn't click the spoilers for ANY REASON. The point of the ending was to shine a light of positivity down, no doubt about that. But when coupled with the realization SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS

The thing people seem to keep forgetting is that they're are still space ships. Just because the relays are destroyed doesn't mean no one can travel through space. They probably won't reach home any time soon, but they can still travel around the system they're in.

And I assume communication across systems is still possible? The the next step for the civilizations of the galaxy would naturally be to rebuild and repair, and I don't see why that doesn't include finding new means for FTL travel, coordinating efforts from across the galaxy.

And for the Normandy, with a large and capable crew including a well developed AI that's also a part of the ship, I'm sure they could repair it and find others, whichever system they find themselves in.

Just because they have spaceships doesn't mean their not screwed. Since there are only 2 "habitable" planets in the Solar system, one of which is a desert, the other on fire, they really have no way to go. They have to leave Sol.

If one of the first results on Google is to be trusted, we are 40000 light years away from the galatic center. Since some places like Rannoch and Omega are literally on the other side of the galaxy, its like 80000~ light years away, so the Quarians probably won't be seeing their home world in the near future.

And communication in Mass Effect used com bouys which made use of the relays, so there will be no communication with the rest of the Galaxy. Furthermore, one would think a lot of the top scientists would be either on the citadel or near earth working on the crucible, so....the galaxy is fucked.

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@Lord_Punch: Organics finally found out about the catalyst and perfected the crucible, so if this cycle didn't destroy the Reapers they would certainly leave clues like the Protheans for the next cycle to destroy the Reapers, which would then in turn allow the rise of synthetics to destroy all organic life in the universe.

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