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With Vinny and Alex in town, will they be on this week's Bombcast? I'm looking forward to see what Small Businessman has been up to.

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I found most of the bosses in the main story to be pushovers. Just stun lock to win. I had more trouble with Chalice dungeon Layer 5 bosses to the point I nearly threw my controller at my TV for the first time in a long time..

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I've been maining the Tonitrus for nearly the entire game since I got it. It's ridiculously OP against just about everyone except a certain hunter. I have been able to 2-3 hit combo nearly every enemy with its L1 transformation and even Baarl who I would have thought be immune to its attack took some major damage.

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I've been thinking about the power of the console lately and considering how fast technology has already leapfrogged it. Considering the system is essentially a pc, the next console should be backward compatible with current games if they continue on that path.

So if they wanted to do a mid-life update without segregating the user base too badly, I have been thinking a lot about nVidia's Dynamic Super Resolution technology.

Lets say they release a PS4.5 a couple years from now with a GPU that can do 4k. They could still support people with 1080p TVs and older PS4 games by super sampling the games at 4k, then rendering them at 1080p. People lucky enough to have 4k TVs would then just run them at native resolution.

The games could be coded with auto selectable resolution so if you put the game in the original PS4, it would only render at 1080p. Something similar to how games work on mobile. If you have an Iphone 4, you can still run some Iphone 5 games, just not that great. Or if you have an older PC, newer games can be run with less detail.

I'm pretty sure its much more complicated than this but it has me hopeful that they will iterate the system more frequently this time around. I personally don't have a problem buying a new console every 3-5 years. As much as I would like to see another 7-10 years life cycle for this console, it can barely manage 1080p/30fps most of the time.

I know the problem with this is that some games would want to take advantage of the new horsepower and would only work on new system though. And eventually they would stop supporting older gen hardware like how Apple makes newer versions of iOS not compatible with older hardware. But this at least would give publishers a way to support the previous generation at the same time without charging us for remasters...

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The armored Karin Kuruma is OP. It is bulletproof and has bulletproof tires. You can just roll up with a car full of friends and drive by enemies without taking damage from everything but explosives. This is VERY useful on heist missions so buy it as soon as you can after you unlock it from the first heist.

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If anyone wants to do a weekend crew on PS4, I am willing to upfront the costs and host. I don't really care that much about the money, I just want the unlocks that come from completing the heists. Mic would be highly recommend and patience as well.

I am level 92, My PSN ID on PS4 is PuchikoNyu and the time frame would be 1pm CST this Sat & Sun. Weekday evenings I am online after 5pm CST, but depending on the day, I only usually have an hour or two free. If you send me a friend request on PSN please mention GB otherwise i usually delete them otherwise.

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I'd be willing to play with a crew that is willing to use communication via headsets and would like to take it leisurely instead of rushing. I am so relieved the update also includes new freemode stuff so that I can still solo stuff.

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So I tried this last night and it surprisingly worked without a hitch. It didn't look as bad as I thought it would, in fact actually much better than the PS2 emulation in the PS2 classics for PS3. My only gripe was that I was disappointed to find out that PS2 classics saves are in a different format than PS2 memory card saves so no transfarring :(

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@mb said:

Component is analog, you don't need a separate converter. If you have all this stuff, why don't you just try it and see how it looks, then go from there.

...I am at work so I can't right now. And my PS2 is in storage so want to make sure it will work and not damage my TV before I dig it out...

As for component always being analog, are you sure about that? I was researching this on google and read that some older component Xbox 360s didn't work on newer HDTVs that had digital component inputs.

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I've been itching to replay some PS2 games lately after downloading some PS2 classics on PS3. After experiencing how bad the PS2 emulation is on PS3 (bad frame rate, alot of input lag, incorrectly rendered effects, etc) it made me want to use my actual PS2 instead.

So I have the component cables for PS2 and my HDTV has a component input. But the PS2 is analog and my HDTV is digital. Will it still work or am I going to have to buy and component to HDMI upscaler?

Can anyone recommend a good upscaler as well? Theres a few on Amazon but the reviews are all over the place.