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Thanks. Still kinda bummed out that live events are still poorley timed for working folk. I didn't even think to look in that thread because I assumed it was about someone's DOTA stream.

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Is there going to be an archive of this posted for those of us with real jobs and missed it? I checked on Vinny's twitter feed and no mention of this and usually theres always a post about it on the boards from users a day after but its been 3 days now and not a peep.

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I am tired of all these topics about how much people feel cheated out of their subscription money. I mean if $4.16 since a month is too much of a hassle for you, then maybe you should put down the starbucks you get every morning or what ever vice you have. People make it sound like its costing them $50 dollars a month when most people spend that much on non essentials every week.

I'm just happy to support a site and people I love and don't ask to be rewarded in kind.

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I'm on my NG+ run and have been trying to get Sunlight medals but have been running into a problem. According to a wiki I read, it says you just need to do co-op while in the Heirs of the Sun covenant or with someone else who is. So far I have not been able to get any medals from summoning non covenant members but if they summon me, I get a medal.

Is this the way it is supposed to work or a glitch? This is really annoying because there is rarely any sunbro signs when I play and I got summoned only once in a 3 hour play session last night. This is the only multiplayer thing I need to get the Platinum trophy and farming Falconers does not seem appealing to me.

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You should steal Danny Odwyer from gamespot

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@heyguys said:

@puchiko: They're not. Giantbomb obviously has discretion over what appears on their own site and they made the decision to take down the article no one else.

Its not their discretion if they were forced to take it down by a angry internet lynch mob.

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This could only be deemed "unfair" if the sway that GB has was taking money away from one Kickstarter and giving it to another. This certainly could be the case with some individuals, but it doesn't reflect the actions myself, any donors I've ever known or any others I've heard about.

If there's a game that someone would want to help fund, and they see it on this site and then do so, it has no significant effect on any other Kickstarter. Featuring a game here that has a Kickstarter might definitely help that project get funded, but there's nothing unfair about it at all.

Tell that to the guy who is working on his own and Kickstarter is his only way of making his personal project a reality. His message to Alex to check out his project or try a demo prior to a project launch will be ignored 100% of the time mostly on the fact that it is a Kickstarter project and not on any of it's merits as a game. Why should big companies get preferential treatment?

It's not GB's job to look out for the every little start up. IGN, Gamespot, Kotaco, and the other "BIG" sites will do that already. GB is a niche site that covers what they like and its a site built on personal convictions which is what I love. They aren't don't cover everything and I'm glad they don't. So why should they to be to blame when every wannabe indie asks for money and they don't cover it?

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So if Jeff got cancer and he started a kickstarter to pay for medical bills (like some others have) and the site reported on it, people would get upset as well? This is their site and and they can report on anything they want IMHO.

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Thanks for the suggestions about Kay's LPs. Really enjoyed the first 2 episodes so far and will probably go back and watch her Dark Souls LP as well. Contrary to what I may have implied I am not yelling at the screen all the time or am angry while I watch these LPs, I was only making observations on things that bothered me. It's no different than Gary Whitta telling someone to "shoot that guy!".

Really tempted to get this on PC after watching of LPs of that port but crossing fingers for a PS4 port now that Kadokawa bought them, a port is more likely (if still slim).