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So... are all the songs in this game going to have these FMV backgrounds? Wouldn't that limit the selection quite a bit compared to a system where the bands didn't actually have to still be active/living?

I imagine that the DLC is going to be mad expensive too if they have to shoot new video for each song.

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This was my second PAX, and I know exactly how you feel. A couple years ago when I went and I saw Jeff and Alex walking in the convention hall, I screamed and pumped my fist in the air out of excitement. They both seemed confused and kept walking, but I didn't care. I had made it.

This year was a whole lot easier, and the urge to completely freak out just because you're in the same room as people you idolize diminishes over time. So next time you can just chill.

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I really hope they bring Freddy back as well. It seems like a waste for them to be trapped in separate games.

Unless I review this though, I'll probably hold off for some discounts. WB has been very generous in the past with their stuff, no reason to run out and spend full price.

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@nophilip said:

I find that film commentary is only interesting in either the MST3K style (making fun of a bad film) or if it's done by people involved in the making of the film. When it's people watching movies they like it tends to have far less entertainment value

I do imagine that this feature will involve bad movies if it continues, but my two points are that Rocky IV is cheesy to the point of ridiculousness (making it a perfect MST3K flick), and that the MST3K guys and anyone who's good at riffing movies knows that you have to LOVE the movie you're watching in order to get a good result. It's not just that a movie is bad, it's that it's fascinatingly terrible. But even in the case of a good but ridiculous movie like this, that love is still a vital factor, and Dan more than any other human being I've come into contact with loves Rocky. So I have a feeling this is going to an entertaining journey.

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Second time I'm going this year, and this time I've got a press badge. I couldn't be more excited to be technically going to work.

Excellent guide Marino, I always end up forgetting something on trips, so I'll triple check this before flying out. Hope to see everybody at the panel!

@bemusedchunk: I'm coming from Florida and I've never seen snow before. Is this the last time in my life that the prospect of snow is going to excite rather than annoy me?

EDIT: It's a damn shame that the games critique panel is scheduled right before Giant Bomb. Don't know how many people will be able to make both...

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@diz: Good gordo, I forgot Fable: The Journey existed and how hard Peter tried to convince people that it wasn't on rails. Someone needs to sit down with this guy and figure out a plan before he ever talks again about a game, he's basically killing his own projects at this point.

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Excellent! It's a nice change of pace to see a company spin out from a huge monolithic organization rather than the other way round.

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A survival game with zombies was their big bet, so no surprise here. Maybe in 2012 that was novel, but trying to sell that game now or in the future would be like heading up to Alaska to sell blocks of ice.

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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

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I for one would have paid $30 for a version of the game that worked with a controller instead of the shitty Wiimote. Guess I'll just stick to Dolphin instead.