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As someone who made the switch over to PC three years ago and hasn't looked back, this is excellent news indeed. I'd love if they also considered porting over that HD collection they released a while ago, but for now, I'll definitely be keeping the new MGS on my radar now.

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I just took a quick tour of their YouTube channel and it's a horrible maze of years old content, incomplete playlists, a flood of irrelevant trailers, and a few thumbnails that made me visibly cringe. And from what I could tell, they weren't even archiving their livestreams on there. Between that and the main site's horrible layout, someone over there really needs to buckle down and do some organizational work. I would love to watch more stuff with Danny in it, but it's not worth my time to wade through all their BS to get to the good stuff.

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That blows, but other than the odd episode of Danny playing Air Control on one of their shows I haven't seen anything over there that caught my eye. I tried, but it's way too professional for my tastes.

I assume that The Point isn't affected by this since it's prerecorded, that's the only show that I find entertaining on their channel.

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I'd love an Endurance Run, but even if it was just a Bradly May Cry type series that appeared once a month, I'd love to see it. I'm never going to play the game myself at this point, so it would fill in that part of my gaming knowledge.

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It's a skinner box with a fancy wrapper, and it's the kind of thing that will only contribute to gaming's image problem.

Is something like Diablo that much different though?

I'd say yes. There is some manner of creativity in Diablo's "fancy wrapper". They crafted an entire world for you to explore, and gave meaning to the loot you were collecting. I mean, I guess someone could have that same experience in the world of Kim Kardashian, but it's clear just from the examples in the article that the game's world building is nothing but cheap parody.

Plus, Diablo's skinner box doesn't charge you every time it drops loot or ends a dungeon. The real problem is manuipulating addictive tendencies in players for pure monetary gain.

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@calitar: It's Vinny with heavy editing I'm sure :p

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"They're playing this, enjoying it, and Kardashian is making money. Is someone really the bad guy (or girl) in this situation?"

I'd argue that yes, someone is the bad guy in this situation. A company is taking advantage of our natural instincts in order to make money from them. It's a skinner box with a fancy wrapper, and it's the kind of thing that will only contribute to gaming's image problem.

The fact that a site like Giant Bomb is giving this promotion, and that there is an article on Jezebel that is basically the same piece, that is all very saddening to me. At least stuff like Flappy Bird is a game made by a single dude. This is just a corporate cash vacuum.

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Nintendo is going to be amazed at the built in audience of their weird Lincoln themed strategy game. I think SOMEONE knew, but the higher ups are just going to be baffled.

Whatever though, Lincoln Force is a day one purchase from me. I'm so stupidly excited that this is a thing.

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I've played Halo 1 what feels like 100 times and there is always new marine dialogue in each playthrough. That thing is jam packed with speech.

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