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@anytus2007: You think they're special in that regard? You think Double Fine is the only game studio in the world that considers itself "family"? Sometimes it isn't about that. Friends and business don't mix, and Double Fine's customer base are suffering because they're valuing their employees over their supporters. People went crazy when Ken Levine shrunk down Irrational Games, but I respect that guy a whole lot more than Tim Schafer, he did what was right for the projects he wanted to make.

In the end, I really hope Double Fine does well and learns from these mistakes. However, you should realize that any company that would take money for a game like SpaceBase (Or Hack and Slash for that matter, which was put out for release based on how much money they could get in early access rather than when it was completed) is basically just as scummy as publishers like Strategy First pumping out garbage on Steam every week. If this were ANY other company, we wouldn't even be having this conversation, but they've humanized themselves, so now people feel bad and let them get away with murder.

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@anytus2007: Then maybe they don't have to have 60 people employed? Maybe they shouldn't be a mid-sized developer if their goal is to work independently. You'll find no bigger fan of Brutal Legend than me, and their other stuff has been solid at times, but they've burned way too many bridges in the eyes of the consumer.

They always seem to be just on the verge of bankruptcy with all the canceled projects and delays. Maybe that's because of their open philosophy, but that, combined with their repeated abuse of Steam's Early Access system certainly doesn't make me confident in anything they put out going forward.

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I really wish Double Fine would slow down a bit and focus on one or two projects at a time. It seems like Tim just says yes to everything that comes across his desk and then rushes to the finish on every project. Hell, they're PUBLISHING games now. It's lunacy.

Also, it seems like calling this "Act 2" of Broken Age is a little disingenuous considering that Act 1 barely took me 5 hours to beat and now this second half seems like it has evolved into its own full game. At some point, I just would rather finish the game instead of seeing it pushed back over and over.

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We are on page 2 of this thread and no one has said Bad Boys yet.

For shame duders. For SHAME.

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I've honestly never understood why people make such a big deal about these programs. I have an app that handles passwords for me, so I don't have to remember whatever my uPlay or Origin or WB or whatever account is, I can look it up. GMail has made it incredibly easy to filter out garbage, so I'm not stingy with my email or anything. uPlay and Origin (and GoG as well) in particular make great fail-safes in case something were to ever happen to Steam, at least I'd still have SOME games collected.

Sure, it's not FUN to log into a game with whatever account, but I don't really see it as a great evil that must be rallied against. If anything, it's more worth a chuckle that any of these developers think they can compete with what Steam offers. And, in the future, when EA Access and similar programs expand, there will be plenty more games to play as the developers fight tooth and nail for our attention. Sounds good to me.

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My only complaint is that you guys didn't do this sooner, but thank you. Thank you so much. I love Giant Bomb and I love video games, and I hope this wakes some people up and marginalizes those that it should so we can get back to the important nonsense.

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As someone who made the switch over to PC three years ago and hasn't looked back, this is excellent news indeed. I'd love if they also considered porting over that HD collection they released a while ago, but for now, I'll definitely be keeping the new MGS on my radar now.

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I just took a quick tour of their YouTube channel and it's a horrible maze of years old content, incomplete playlists, a flood of irrelevant trailers, and a few thumbnails that made me visibly cringe. And from what I could tell, they weren't even archiving their livestreams on there. Between that and the main site's horrible layout, someone over there really needs to buckle down and do some organizational work. I would love to watch more stuff with Danny in it, but it's not worth my time to wade through all their BS to get to the good stuff.

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That blows, but other than the odd episode of Danny playing Air Control on one of their shows I haven't seen anything over there that caught my eye. I tried, but it's way too professional for my tastes.

I assume that The Point isn't affected by this since it's prerecorded, that's the only show that I find entertaining on their channel.

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I'd love an Endurance Run, but even if it was just a Bradly May Cry type series that appeared once a month, I'd love to see it. I'm never going to play the game myself at this point, so it would fill in that part of my gaming knowledge.