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@TheSlothKing: 11/10 You win. Thread over.

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If you were a boss in a video game. What would your theme and boss battle music be?


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Edge Scans

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Regarding both of the videos. I agree on most of his points such as having the story be a puzzle in it's own right, the possibility of a separate Singleplayer and Multiplayer mode killing half of the fun of the game, and you not being able to roleplay and create your own character being terrible.

Although I am going to gloat about the fact I guessed that the game was going to be a prequel and ENB agrees (Just throwing that out there).

I need to see more of what this new director is going to do before I decide to be angry or rejoice. I am a bit scared and worried though.

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@kishinfoulux said:

Forgot to mention I'm really looking forward to EpicNameBro's take on all this. He always breaks things down in meticulous fashion.

This. ENB already says he is on the case, and if I trust anyone in the DaS community, it is him.

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@kishinfoulux: We were all thinking it but we were to afraid to say it :(

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@Oldirtybearon said:

The "dragons" you saw were not dragons, but drakes. I know they look like what we think dragons are, but in the world of Dark Souls those are drakes. Dragons have serpent tails for legs like Seath. The two dragons you see in the trailer don't have that. They have four legs.

That was what I was thinking before. But what about Kalameet? He was the last of the dragons, he was large in size and had four legs like the dragons on the trailer. While (Dark Souls) Drakes are generally smaller with only two legs. I also considered those dragons may have been Wyverns, but they are spikey and also have two legs. I don't know what the fuck was going on with Seath.

EDIT: Not to mention that the dragons have an eye in the middle of their head just like Kalameet.

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@Oldirtybearon said:

I hope that the story takes place after the Bonfire has been rekindled or extinguished completely. If Dark Souls II is a prequel I'll be very, very disappointed. FROM is more creative than that.

But for argument's sake, let's just say they confirm that DS2 takes place after the first game, whether it's immediately or a hundred or two hundred years later, doesn't matter. I personally want two worlds to visit. I want to visit a new land with a new adventure to be had, but I also want FROM to take us back to Lordran for an objective or two. Think of it like the Ishimura from Dead Space 2. A really haunted kind of "I've been here before" walk down memory lane. I would very much like to visit someplace iconic just to see how it's changed in the time I've been away.

I'd also like to see a more creative Painted World by Aramis. And of course a story that is less obtuse than what is currently in Dark Souls. Yeah yeah, item descriptions blah blah blah. That's world building though, not a story. I want FROM Software to really lean into the fascinating world they built and blow the doors off of everybody's expectations.

I completely agree. Dark Souls had lore out the ass, but no story unless you dug really really deep into nearly everything and assumed heavily. The problem with making it a sequel is you must choose which ending was canon. Did the Chosen undead allow for the bonfire to burn for longer or did he allow the darkness to spread? I understand that he was only prolonging the inevitable with rekindling the bonfire but still. I may be wrong but a lot of what I am seeing does point towards the game being a prequel rather than a sequel, such as the dragons. I could be wrong, and I would be happy either way.