Lists, Lists, and More Lists!

I've been spending some time in the last few days to put together a few lists here on my GiantBomb page.  I have three lists going right now; a "My Collection" list which is self-explanatory, a "Games I've Rented" list that captures all the games I have rented through Gamefly and a "Favorites" list, a quick list of the top 5 games that stand out in my mind as great achievements in gaming.  I'm going to create a fourth list, a "Recenly Added" category to display the most recent additions to my game collection.  While creating these lists, I occasionaly stumble upon a game which has no page here at GiantBomb, allowing me the oppurtunity to contribute to the site.  So far I have submitted game pages for Madden '08 (no really, it didn't exist) and Super Rub 'a' Dub.  MLB '07 is also missing a page and I will try to get to that later today.

One thing that irks me about GiantBomb game pages is that they are not seperated when appearing on different platforms.  This strikes me as strange because it was a big point for the guys when creating this site that they were not going to make multiple pages risk a brand new forum/console war.  This little detail bothers me because I have games in my collection that have box art or description of completely different systems then what I own the game on and "require" (okay, I require) an explaination on which system I am running the title on. 

Alright, enough complaining.  You guys making lists?  Let me know and I'll go check them out!

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Is this price gouging?

Tomorrow the expansion for Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords will be released on XBLA for 700 ($8.75) MS points.  Revenge of the Plague Lord will feature 4 new classes, a whole new area of the map, dozens of new spells and items and will lift the level cap to 60 (from 50).  All of this will most definitely lead to hours of playing but is the price set high to take advantage of its popularity?  The original game is on the XBLA for 800 ($10) points, a great deal which offers so much more than the expansion in terms of gameplay and story.  I will be holding back on purchasing this in hope that it will see a sale or a reduction in price.

Does the price need to be lower for you to be interested in this expansion??

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I'm Ready

New site, new attitude.  That's what I'm taking from the 'gents who have put together  Looking forward to a great community and some great times!  Thanks fellas!

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