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Somehow BF3 forgot to add Spectator-mode. The aim of bots usually snap into place and you could see if they are finding people who arent spotted and virtually invisible to the cheater.

Great admins are the best solution.

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The last computer I had lasted for 6 years. It would've lasted longer if the industry-standard on RAM didnt get kicked up a notch. Its still a great machine for watching movies etc. You can have it in your living room without a problem (anonymous looking and so silent you can barely hear it. One 80mm fan and a gargantuan heatsink).

I expect my new one to last even longer. It got better parts for overclocking and more efficient cooling.

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Patch 1.0.2a

- Preventing social emotes (like /getdown) from interfering with combat.

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Alright, I gotta ask out of curiosity: if kill and fetch-quests are dull. What kind of quests do you want?

It puzzles me because pretty much every RPG (Single player and MMO) Ive played in the last 20 years have been a giant kill or fetch quest and contained several side-quests that are pretty much only kill/fetch quests.

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If they killed a raidboss using dancing wouldnt that be a reason to ban? How is it any different from using less funny glitches that has gotten a handful of WoW guilds banned (like the dudes that got banned back in AQ40 because they passed a buttload of trash)?

Game companies need to become more transparent in their dealings with gamers, that is for damn sure. However, the Hate-EA-wagon is rolling without mercy or critical thinking (even if there are a few fair reasons).

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AoE/Multi-target-threat can be hard for Sith Warrior Juggernauts (personal experience) especially if the mobs are ranged. So if you start shooting right away without the tank getting initial aggro you will pull aggro.

Pretty much all trash pulls there are contain weak, silver and gold mobs. If so: First target the weak, then the silver, then the gold.

Weak and Silver wont kill you on their own. If only Gold mobs ask for a kill mark and give the tank 3 globals before damage.

If you still die you get to complain about the tank.

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Or maybe it was another Bounty Hunter, hehe.

Still working on getting to know what other classes can and cant do.

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The Sith Warrior Juggernaut isnt optimal for tanking until level 30. Thats when you get the Shield Slam equivalent called Backhand. Before that your tanking comes from the stance and damage, but it doesnt really matter since most stuff is a breeze up to 30. Some heroic quests are quite tough however and the Mandalorian instance had a quite nasty last boss.

It doesnt really matter. Theres no end-game going on (if there is it aint widespread). Simply put, too many unknown variables to tell.

Ive had Bounty Hunters and Agents tank with great success (and simpler than the warrior)

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Nice picture.

I could defile this thread with a picture that looks like its been painted by a 2 year old without arms (all my attempts at making picture end up there, hehe)

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Its 11am in Europeland and my server is now full with a 15 min queue (I havnt had a queue so far).

Now there are plenty of new PvP and PvE servers available so I hope the bulk of new players go there instead.