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@Ozmiander:  Lol, I came across like that didn't I? I need to start adding more info to my comments before I post :P. I'm just talking about the people who consistently come on to forums like this one about a game series that they stopped caring about just to say they stopped caring about it. Thanks, we needed to know that. If I come across as a douchebag, I apologize.
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@Atomasist:  I say selling out because the original GHs and the original RBs, including the DLC, were mainly based on rock music and it's many different variations (Country rock, pop rock, etc). By adding Miley Cyrus and, soon, Snoop Dogg, plus Band Hero's setlist last year, it's starting to stray away from the main theme. 
@Shuborno:  Yeah, I agree with you. I find myself playing Rock Band way more than I do Guitar Hero. I think this one's setlist is much better than the weird setlists of GH games from World Tour on, but I understand if you don't like the setlist.

@Meltac:  I'm not trying to hate on Snoop Dogg, I'm just saying rap/hip hop artists shouldn't be in a game called Rock Band.
To people saying "why do people keep buying these games," why are you guys on this forum? And to the people hating on Activision, yes, they had a bad year last year with Guitar Hero, but I'm willing to give them another chance. If you're not, that's cool, why are you on this forum again?
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I personally believe that the point of these games are to counter today's terrible music with the great music of the past so kids don't have to grow up with said terrible music. Lately, however, it seems that both Activision and Harmonix are selling out. Activision releases Band Hero, and Harmonix releases Miley Cyrus and apparently they're also going to release Snoop Dogg. When I saw this one, it seemed like this was going to consist of shitty death metal with maybe 5 or 6 songs that are good. With this most recent song update, I realized it was the opposite. I only notice a few shitty death metal songs in a sea of good songs, like the original games. I'm not hating Rock Band 3 or anything, I think it's a great idea, and they're not completely on the wrong track, but I think Activision has finally seen what made the originals great, a good song selection with some great gameplay. I personally think quest mode is a great idea. It adds replay value. How many people actually replay career again and again? Meanwhile, you can level your characters up and experiment with the effects of the warriors. And quest doesn't take up the entire game, you can still play in quickplay, so you still can play normally as well. What are your opinions on this game?

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@AimingWandersly: Thanks.
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I don't actually own the game, so i don't know, but I was wondering if Queen sings the songs from the Queen 01 track pack. And if that's true, than do Queen and David Bowie sing to Under Pressure.

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@jakob187: Outside of the song selection, what big major difference is there? I like Metallica too, but since I played that one to death, that's probably why I got bored of Van Halen fairly quickly.
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Ugh, I hear you. I got yelled at constantly for not getting the DLC the minute it came out. I said that I would get it by the end of the week, but douchebags win because they only hear from the smart person "bla bla bla bla bla DLC bla bla bla"

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I like the game, but I got bored of it really quickly. It's Guitar Hero Metallica with Van Halen songs.

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Sorry, I should probably read through my sentence before I click post. I meant to say that 2 thirds of the 20 songs were in the DS version. I found the song list merged together, so I didn't know that 2 thirds of the songs were actually only in the DS version.

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They actually put over 20 tracks that I liked in this game. Since, from what I understand, they're making a series out of this, so 20 tracks is how many I tracks I have to like in a main series game. Then they put 2 thirds of the tracks that I liked into the DS version. And the DS versions of these games suck in my opinion.

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