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That just filled me with pure incomprehensible joy :D

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@demoskinos: Nope had it since launch day and has been fine till christmas day came around.

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3 days later and still having this issue only now it just says network unavailable please check your connection. Even tho im clearly logged onto psn cause i can still look at my friends list and send messages. Is this happening to everyone else at all? Or is my ps4 screwed up or something.

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I usually just take a q tip and damp it with windex and stick it in to clean all the dirt and grime from it. That's usually all it takes for my snes Nes and genesis games and I've never had it damage the game.

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For me yes. tho fire emblem and assassins creed 4 where really close to

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Since yesterday i have not been able to access the store at all. It just gives me a messeage saying that "this service is currently undergoing maintenance (e-82001f7) But iv'e checked psn status online and it says everything is currently normal. Has anyone else had this issue?

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@emoney244: Man that's a bummer, id really like to play some more ac4 but not if it's just tail missions :(

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Just curious if any of u duders have had a chance to play it. I loved the main game and kinda wanna give this a shot but the reviews seem very mixed and it sounds like they got rid of alot of my favorite aspects of the main game like sailing from place to place and just the overall freedom of exploration. But if the missions are good enough id still be ok with getting it.

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Has the first one been subbed yet even?