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No console, no price, is it official yet dat ps3 games discs wont be compatible with the ps4? ( pretty sure they will put them on the store for u to buy even tho u already own the damn game ) conference took toooooo long not enough games showed it was pretty boring i have to say.

how can u call a conference to show/talk about a product and not actually show it? FAIL imo

but happy about the whole last years OnLive options, play/record/watch

good they keep the same design that i am used to on the controller

i expected more from a +1h30mins bla bla bla conferance, but ofc i will still buy it hopefully they keep the date and we can get one for xmas :P

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would not surprise me they havent got any more keys, maybe that explains why the slow dl speeds everyone is trying to download it :P

just hope someone doest get into real trouble for the price mistake, with xmas near and all.

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taken from another site

Seems to have activated fine, bit annoying that you cant put the key straight into Uplay for Farcry 3, it only picks up the game once it's downloaded and installed to the uplay game folder and tried to run, then added to uplay client.... now working. Thankfully I could test it cos already got farcry 3 on another pc.

i forgot i already had uplay ( settlers 7 ) installed and cant seem to find a way to use my FarCry3 key so i guess what this person said is valid :P

glad i am not alone ;)

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@JudgeDread: wow u lucky i got 60MB with VM and keeps jumping from 420kb to 500kb :\, Everyone needs to pause your downloads so i can finish mine <3

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@deadeyes said:

I managed to get it while it was still the crazy low price, downloading now...but getting stupidly slow download speed with it. Anyone else getting such nonsense?

I download on steam at about 7 megabytes a second but i'm getting 600 kb/s from the gamestop app. horrible thing

yes it sucks i am getting 500kbs, this is going to take all day... but small price to pay after getting it for £5 :P

and NO keys dont work on Steam, dont know if they work on Uplay ( dont have that client and dont need another one )