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@procrasturbate: Yes it is possible. How it works is when you are logged in it updates the "Expiration Date" for the content, as long as that "Expiration Date" hasn't been met the content works online or off. If the content does meet the expiration date you only need to go online again for the "Expiration Date" to update. As always if your PSPlus subscription has lapsed the content will be unavailable until you resubscribe.

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So long story short: Yuko (who is nice) is crushing on me hardcore but Yukari has started to notice me as well. How do I let Yuko know she is in the friend zone not the end zone?

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I'm new to MegaTen games, new to Persona games and I have a question...do I need to to go into Tartarus every time it lets me? Just when I'm healthy? How often?

I love the game, love the writing and I'm looking forward to picking up Persona 4 this fall.

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I have a Nex that plays all carts US/Pal and Famicom; my suggestions are the Goemon games (Legend of Mystical Ninja in the west) They are quick fun and (except for the RPG one) only require a little knowledge of Japanese. Also a lot of the latter-day Nes carts that are hard to find the US versions of are easy to get in the Fami version.

I actually went Fami-crazy when I first got mine because I loved the fact that the actual carts were different colors.

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I would like to read your ideas comparing the new Xbox dash and the PS3's

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Less than 10% of cars sold here have manual transmissions. Also it is a distraction while driving and we don't need another one of those.

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@ProfessorEss: Really when I said lead in the reply I meant how they have a larger number or exclusive titles with a wider variety.

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@ProfessorEss: Which metric would you use? Both notched pretty solid (not great) metacritic averages, but neither lit the sales charts on fire. Is that because people weren't buying anything at that time or buying something else. Also the exclusive is still something that we use to differentiate one platform from another. Also if high sales is your only defining measure of quality you must play a lot of "Just Dance."

Also weren't we talking about downloadable titles?

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@ProfessorEss: Raw data? No. However off the top of your head name studios that work solely on Xbox Live arcade games, now name studio that work on PSN exclusives.

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@plaintomato: It wasn't a joke and it is true; Sony leads the exclusives race in the download space as well as the full retail space. I mean why are you so hard set on Live being better?