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I'd consider it to be a more complete overall product than the Sly Collection (which I also played this year), or the SOTC/Ico collection, which are definitely better games, but wouldn't the average team Ico fan have preferred Last Guardian to be released instead? Same thing really.

You guys are really taking me to task with this post. The 'non-issue' comment was more about the fact that there hasn't been any fraud linked to the leak. So while your info maybe out and about no ill came of it. As for the loss of service for a month, it came back and hasn't happened since. In terms of Sly and SOTC/Ico those are both collections you are getting for the same price as Halo and there were other PS3 exclusives releasing around the same time so you had other options, but yes I would rather have had "The Last Guardian."

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@Axxol: I really miss the last two generations, the one thing that having one clear winner did was totally kill all the fanboy flame wars. On the playground no one ever said "N64 is the best system, Playstation is horrendous" after a certain point in time.

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@Axxol: Having said that: I think we need t-shirts that just say "Yeah what about the RROD/PSN HACK!"

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Maybe what I should have said is: I think Microsoft has learned the RROD lesson and they won't do it again, a lot like how Sony has learned from the hack.

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@Punk1984: Well tell that to the pandas in Kinectimals!

It'll be in the post launch DLC pack with armor

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@Still_I_Cry: Panda are really violent and territorial though...

@Axxol: I still think at this point the RROD is kind of a forgotten thing. Much like the Sony hack give ti awhile and it will only be fanboy fodder. Microsoft needs to wait until people are not buying 360s to introduce the 720 (or whatever they call it, it will be a number higher than 4)

@phish09: I'm curious what was the other Sony game you played this year? Also the Sony hack turned out to be a non-issue and I think they handled it appropriately. (we messed up, here is some freebies we will do better next time) Yeah Gears of War 3 was good (better than 2?) but Halo just kind of proves my point. Do you think Halo fans wanted Halo 4 in 2011 or Halo with a new skin? Microsoft took the easy way out with 2011's Halo title.

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@plaintomato: XBL is not leagues better than PSN, while I agree parties are nice, the content on PSN is probably the best on a console download service. The real advantage that Live has is that there are more people on it playing online.

In terms of focusing on the next box I feel that is a horrible misstep because that next box won't land until 2013 and if it shows up any earlier it will cannibalize the 360. I think you will see a redesigned 360 before you see the new Xbox.

@ColinWright: i think the third parties matter more this generation because the 360 is top of the block and it doesn't have exclusives. If the 360 was churning out exclusives like Sony does first party development would still matter. Since the Xbox doesn't have a lot of exclusives the audience has decided that doesn't matter.

@phish09: Isn't that kind of sad? I mean that they are just meeting the bar? You won't see games like InFamous or Uncharted on the Xbox because Microsoft isn't interested in pushing internal development. Instead of pushing their tech forward they are just meeting expectations.

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@DarthOrange: Oh I see what you did there ;)

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While it makes me sad to see an industry institution go...I always hated Gamepro.

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@Soulblitz: If it helps I installed the PS3 patch and my frost resistance seems to be the same...also here is a cookie