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@stinky: Some of the best deals were on the Kinect/ Console bundles.
There was no way the next Xbox was going to be announced before 2013, ever.
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Step 1) mentally prepare for reader outrage,
Step 2) write blog

What Nintendo did right in 2011

There are few things that will push consoles out the door more than a price cut. Nintendo entered 2011 with strong sales after cutting the Wii's price since then retailers have offered sale after sale on the Wii and Wii games. It isn't uncommon to see Nintendo's little box going for $150, I've even seen it go for less! This coupled with the 3DS's price cut in the early fall really pushed Nintendo hardware into consumers' hands.
Also Nintendo released a few Mario games and a few Zelda games and that is always a good thing.  

What Nintendo didn't do right in 2011

"Everything" is too broad a term.
There are few things that kill current hardware sales quicker than announcing another new hardware system! The Wii's sales were slowing by time Nintendo announced the Wii U (a system we know nothing about, with games running on other systems, first party games we know nothing about and a controller that you may or may not be able to have two of) but once the new box was trotted out at E3 those slowing sales skidded to halt. Nintendo has had 'big' weeks lately but that is because the hardware is so dang cheap. Come on Nintendo how are your faithful supposed to feel? Like abandoned puppies crying for love? I thought this was just a slight business misstep but when Nintendo of America decided to not localize Xenoblade - wait scratch that - not release the already localized Xenoblade, I was sure that Nintendo just doesn't give a #$% anymore! 2011 has been the worst year I can remember for Nintendo fans. I know that "no one only owns a Wii," but imagine if that person existed, what would they have done with the last 365 days?
The 3DS's price debuted at a price even Sony would consider high and then quickly got a price cut to push sales. Software wasn't there so Nintendo did the only thing it could and start basically giving the things away. The Nintendo fan is the most abused gamer in history after 2011. Nintendo in 2011 seemed to just be willfully stomping on any goodwill its customers had. 
The good news is they are paying for it, with the biggest annual loss in the company's history. 

Wrapping it up and looking ahead

In 2011 there was no new reason to buy a new Wii. Nintendo can keep selling to its fans but for a company with a big "Everyone can play" strategy those fans are not gonna be enough. 2011 will be remembered as the year gamers started to smell the snake oil that Nintendo was selling. These don't look good for the House that Mario built, and that is a shame
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Wait so it is just like the PSP was when I bought it? Oh well.

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@Ravenlight said:

With all this talk of PSN and XBL, I'm real curious to see if Sony and/or MS just iterate on their next-gen content networks or of they completely redesign them.

I think Sony is eager to innovate (not to make it better just to pull people from Live) and I think Microsoft is more interested is staying with what works, what's cheapest and what makes the most. So no I don't think Live will see a huge refresh. It reminds me of something I heard in an Advertising class, "When you are second, you try harder than the other guy." I'll get into it more when I run through the 360's 2011 but I feel Microsoft is really resting on the success it has received and I don't see that stopping. Sony did the same thing in the PS2's prime years and that lead to the PS3's botched start.

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@Xeiphyer said:
A lot of people do have headsets, but most people don't like talking to strangers. That's just how it is on NA servers.
I'd suggest you just find some friends and play together, its a lot better that way. Hell, you could probably change this thread into looking for some GB dudes with headsets to get a squad going. You might want to check out the PS3 platoon if you haven't already.
I have a good headset but I don't like talking to strangers or when people are rude so I'll just turn the headset on and lay it down on my coffee table.
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Wait...wait..wait..I totally saw this in a movie once with that guy in it

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@Ravenlight: In terms of the Hack Sony has come out and said that thier customer base is stronger than pre-hack and that is either because of the increased sales in Europe of systems or maybe Japan has decided to see what this whole PSN thing is about. While I agree customers may have walked away or are at least weary, the net effect seems to be a positive. 
I wouldn't say Move is an abject failure but I wouldn't say it has been a success. Sony is marketing a lot of Move games, I've seen Deadmund and Everybody Dance commercials in primetime and that Kevin Butler Resistance 3 commercial really made me laugh. While I will agree the Move is not primarily for the hardcore audience Sony has done a good job of adding reasons to use it if you already have it.
Speaking of Resistance 3; I think early fall was a good window for it right at the start of the blockbuster season, the problem for it was that it wasn't done in June and September was the next best place for it. Similar to how Thor hit it big at the box office by being the first big summer movie.
For Sony as a Japanese company I would agree with you but they are just doing gangbusters in Europe. The real issue as to why the PS3 isn't a powerhouse in the US has more to do with the Xbox's success rather than the PS3's failure.
As far as your exclusive-less horizon remember this time last year we didn't know about Uncharted 3 or Resistance 3; which have been Sony's big first party titles this fall, so wait a bit for GDC 2012 and we'll see how that horizon pans out.
-man that was a lot of type-
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@The_Laughing_Man said:

Improved occasional performance issues resulting from long term play (PlayStation 3)
Source  Real nice the fixed the two biggest issues (If you went on the official Skyrim forums the texture bug and the lag had people super upset.   360 version will be out Nov 30th 
Hurray this bug just started really effecting my game this weekend. Glad to see it fixed.
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I'm gonna go ahead and get this one out of the way first because; A) I have the most to say about it and B) it is my platform of choice. So if you are a fan of the other platforms I'll go ahead ad apologize for being a Sony elitist and you can just copy and paste this rebuttal into your reply: 
"Yeah?! Well too bad PS3 sales still suck in America, where it matters!"

What Sony did right in 2011

2011 continued on the 2009 promise that you'll always want your PS3. Sony has done an astounding job of releasing AAA titles through out the year. From a first party perspective you have to admit that it takes guts to release a AAA title during a window where game don't sell. Killzone 3 and InFamous 2 are two of my top ten titles this year and both of them came out in a release wasteland. From January to December there has been a good first party title release, it is shocking. Titles like Resistance 3 have managed to get a little lost in the fall shuffle but they still debut strong. 
Sony has also been good adding Move functionality to different titles. Since there has not been a killer app for Move this is kind of Sony's Trojan horse. After purchasing a sharpshooter the Move makes sense. The problem is that it requires a readjustment, the same readjustment I had to make when going from a keyboard and mouse to a controller but an adjustment none the less. The addition of Move functionality and new games gives gamers that picked up the Move last fall a reason to keep playing with it. ( Ape Escape is a personal favorite) While the Move is never going to have the gee whiz factor of the Kinect it is probably the best motion control solution out there. However when you speak to the hardcore, having the best motion controller doesn't mean much.
The net result of all of Sony's pushing this year was that there was always a compelling reason to buy a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360 or Wii - (well except one reason but we will get to that soon.)

What Sony did wrong in 2011

Sony's biggest problem in 2011 was Sony in 2007. I mentioned above that there was always a compelling reason to buy a PS3 and well that is true and good but you can't ignore the fact that a lot of people have already bought Xbox 360's and there is already a built in audience. If your friends are on XBLive you're going to buy an XBox. While Sony's PSN is steadily moving down the road to parity with XBLive it still isn't there. Frankly at this moment Sony needs a new generation to kind of re-level the playing field with XBLive, with customers already set up on XBLive it is just hard for Sony to woo them away. I mean let's be honest; today, between Live and PSN there isn't much difference. The biggest divider is that your "friends list" on Live is about twice as large as it is on PSN. Sony has done a good job of recovering from the hack (in fact I hesitate to mention it because I imagine most of you had forgotten about it) and they've done a good job of fostering a developer community on PSN. Sony has done everything 'right' to make PSN a success but the customers just are not there yet. Honestly that is a shame, because there are some great experiences exclusive to PSN and it doesn't cost the customer. If Sony had the PSN they have today in 2007 the PS3 would be the top selling console this generation. The only thing holding the PS3 back is Sony's past mistakes.

Wrapping it up and Looking Ahead

This was a great year for Sony; a great year that didn't translate into big dollars but a great year none the less. Sony is holding an excellent poker hand going into 2012 and really they just need to keep doing what they are doing. The Vita looks cool, the PSP is winding down at the end of its life and the PS3 is selling well enough that it should over take the Xbox 360. I see a new console announcement in 2013 and a release in 2014. Next generation I hope Sony won't make the mistakes in made this generation because the PS3 deserves that top spot, too bad it won't get it.
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@usgrovers: I think that is because they don't know how many PS3 users it actually effects, where as the Xbox texture issue effects everybody (who installs the game)