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I'm actually kind of surprised by the responses. So little Zelda love, did the review scare them all away from Giantbomb? I think what a lot of people are missing is my point was that no game is 'Great' across the board, Skyrim (which I love) doesn't have a story on par with Uncharted 3 (which I also love) and both of them can't hold a candle to the bat-#@$% insanity fun of Saints Row 3.
Even in the responses to my post there isn't a real consensus (outside of "It will probably be Skyrim but I think it should really be ____") this is important because I think it is going to be really hard for one title to be the clear cut winner.
I also think that the shine is coming off a lot of the contenders as time goes on.

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I'm not going to name my 2011 Games of the Year, it is still to early and I still have some stuff to play.

Anyone still here? Ok? Cool has anyone else noticed how there is not a clear Game of the Year this year? All the Triple-A titles released this year, especially those released in the last few months, have been good/great but every single one has some rough spots. Whether it is the bugs of Skyrim, the repetition of Uncharted 3, the sameness of Arkham City or the been there done that feel of yet another Call of Duty. Is it just me or is there normally some sort of consensus by this point in the year as to what the best game is? Personally I'm tossing three titles around in my head as potential GotY and I feel like they are all worthy contenders.
This sort of problem even extends into the normal "what platform had the best year" discussion with each kind of hitting highs but not the highest of the highs. On the plus side this gives me things to wright about for the next few days.
So let's do this!

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I didn't even know there was bonechill passage I follow the marker on the map and it led me the long way around.

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So I did the three quests after you are accepted into the Bard College, the three resulting quest items are now hanging out in my inventory and I can't get rid of them. What do I do? Is it bug did I miss something?

Also even though I showed the one teacher the drum and got all the bonuses the quest was never marked complete, what gives?

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@ypod: Man, you must hate tabletop RPGs. Dungeons & Dragons has an even more simplistic leveling system than Skryim. You don't even level skills, you just invest in perks! Although D&D calls them feats.


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@Doctorchimp: It wasn't a slam to everybody on the PC. This is actually my first console Elder Scrolls game, everytime someone complains I remember the days of getting stuck half in the ground in Daggerfall. Ahh memories.

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I had a friend just tell me if he sleeps for 48 hours that clears out bodies and loot and it runs fine for a bit. Maybe try that?

Does that actually work? If it does, weird.

I've been playing 30ish hours and my save is above 10mb I notice hitching mostly if I fast gallop through areas I've left bodies. The game runs great besides that. Don't let the nay-sayers get in your way, the game is still enjoyable at any frame rate. Ignore the XBots and the PC Master Racers.

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Sneak + Bow + Heavy Armor = Batman the Dragonslayer (that is all)

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@GhosthH: After watching comparison videos I stand by my choice, the 360 is starting to show its age almost as much as you XBox-kiddies are.

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I have a 10-11 MB save file and the game will hiccup if I'm riding a hose at full gallop through a crowed area but no other problems.

@GhosthH said:

People seriously didn't say that the PS3 version is better than the 360? The framerate in the Xbox version doesn't really drop at all. It's smooth as no matter what is on screen. It kills the PS3 version which unfortunately seems to suffer from some serious framerate problems after a while.

Yeah those blurry textures and loads are the best.