Halloween Doomstravaganza Stream

Duders, lend me your ears.

I've been thinking about doing this for most of the year and with Halloween so close around the corner, now's as good a time as any. I'm planning to do a marathon 'DOOMstravaganza' stream, probably sometime next weekend, (Halloween itself is out of the question because A: I have work that day, B: I'll probably be doing things that night and, C: so will a lot of you, probably, and no one is going to want to sit down and watch video games when there's candy and women in slut-tastic costumes to be seen.) and I'm trying to get the word around. I'm not exactly a prolific streamer, you see, not necessarily because I'm not entertaining, but because I'm incredibly lazy and usually don't feel like playing games for an audience for hours on end.

Anywho, my plan is to basically spend most of the day playing every game in the series (1, 2, 3/ROE/LM) for a couple of hours each, probably adding up to 8 to twelve hours because I'm not a crazy person who can stream for 24 hours straight. Maybe a bit more for Doom 3, since that game isn't quite as madly paced as its predecessors and it's much harder to squeeze a good chunk out of it in only two hours, unless I start mid-game. Or do Lost Missions, which pretty much jumps straight into the action. If enough people want me to, I might include TNT, Plutonia, and 64. That's a big maybe though, and will depend entirely on demand, of which I don't expect a lot of.

ANYWAY SORRY LITTLE BIT TL;DR THERE; I'm shooting for either Saturday the 27th or Sunday the 28th, so I'd appreciate any opinions on which sounds like a better day to do this. I'd definitely appreciate people tuning in for even an hour or two, because streaming to an empty room is pretty well pointless.

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