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I'd finally write that novel.

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@ripelivejam: Aaaand close it on down, this thread is over.

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The only way to ensure complete harmony in the GB community is to hire a Caravella. Or Jeff Green.

Max is what... two or three now? He's ready for the big leagues.

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I miss sort of sub par but still fun dime-a-dizen 3D platformers. Tak, Ty the Tazmanian Tiger, Scaler, etc etc etc. I loved that shit as a young teenager. I don't even think they were that good, I didn't have particularly discerning taste, but I miss them anyway.

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Always bet on Duke. Congrats to the toppest of top men!

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Fuck, Leonard Nimoy :(

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I just wish this was a movie based around the HitmanAgent47 from Giant Bomb.

"The Illuminati, they're after us all."

This brings me back. Good pull.

Old school Giant Bomb never die.

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@jakob187: You plucked the words from my mouth and made them your own. Fallout 4 would be cool but seriously just give me doom already I'm dying over here.

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Metroid Prime. That game fucking blew my mind, and it's still one of the best, most atmospheric experiences I've ever had. To be able to explore that world for the first time all over again would be amazing.

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Man, you throw dark!

Giant Bomb has always featured content that isn't necessarily about video games, that's part of the reason why I came here! Remember, for every non-video game related video you might get around here, there's probably 20 or 30 or whatever number of videos that are definitely (mostly) about video games. It's fine for a small(ish), personality-driven website like this to spread its wings from time to time.

This is really bizarre to watch now. It truly feels like a different era. Like, four or five eras removed from the current.