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Need For Speed Most Wanted. The 2005 version on the 360. Do it.

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This isn't Quake 3 anymore where everything is low poly and low resolution and you can bust out a map in like a week and ship with fuckin 60 of them, only 3-5 of which will anyone actually play for longer than a week.

Twelve is fine.

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Demons. Shotguns. Chainsaws. Provide your own shredding guitar soundtrack if necessary. Doom in 2016 can't be the same thing it was in 1993, but as long as it's fucking -ridiculous-, I'm in.

Ps: I need a Chex Quest reboot mod for NuDoom. CAN YOU IMAGINE?

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Ok, yesterday I had some personal shit going on so that kind of had me in a morose mood. I feel better this morning.

SO. I think this looks pretty dope. It's not perfect, and there are definitely some things I'd like to see improved, but the action aspect of it looks VERY akin to Doom of olde. I wish the weapon design were a bit more diverse, but I couldn't really get a feel for the different monsters, but I guess that'll come in time.

I am excite.

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That's cool I guess.

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@punkxblaze: I like to think that you've been in that fetal position for the last five years

You're not wrong. On a kitchen floor with my shoes on, too.

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I feel in honor of impending DOOM, I can make this video public and share it with you fine people who have commiserated with me for so long.

"On my 21st birthday, my best friend brought me a jug of whiskey as a present. We proceeded to drink the entire thing in about an hour. These were the results, I did a stunningly accurate rendition of Doom's E1M1 theme... if you don't count that I couldn't get my mouth to move fast enough to do the guitar riff."

I should point out this was almost three years ago now. I feel no shame. I love doom so much that I sing the E1M1 music wasted.

Loading Video...

You're welcome and I love you all.

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It's been a long time coming but tomorrow, tomorrow it is finally going to get show. DOOM will happen. Will you shed a tear? Will you leap in joy?

This was dumb post, but you hyped!!!


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@rorie Did you read that there's apparently ~1 hour of footage left on the cutting room floor from Age of Ultron that might make it into a director's cut version once it hits home media? I'd go see it in theaters again, but that's the version I really want to hunker down and dive into. There were, uh, elements of that film that I felt did not get the room to breathe and be fully fleshed out that they deserved; too much setting up the next wave of movies, not enough this story standing on its own. An hour of extra footage could probably fix that.

Or, you know, make the movie an unbearable Wathcmen: Ultimate Cut level slog. Guess we'll see

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Catwoman was the goddamn worst. THE god damn worst. Also fuck all of you Spiderman 3 was the best comedy of 2007. If you stop looking at it as a serious Spiderman film, and look at it as a Sam Raimi film, in all his cheesy bullshit glory, it becomes amazing. From Emo Peter, to the jazz sequence, to James Franco totally phoning it in as Harry Osborne. It's a masterpiece.

I liked The Dark Knight Rises when it came out but with the benefit of hindsight I want to pee all over that movie.