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" @Catolf:  No, Langdon was totally in Power Rangers as well. On closer inspection it seems that they were all stunt roles (according to IMDB at least), but it still counts in my book. Actually, I think I remember reading that the guy who does Virgil's voice was in Power Rangers as well. Kinda weird when you think about it. "
Stunt roles should count even more than actually having a starring role. It means they get to do all the cool shit.
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" @Catolf said:

" @HandsomeDead:  Link to article? "

I'm no scientist, but I'd hazard a guess that that was sarcasm.
Anyway, when you think about it, this redesign really isn't that severe, especially when you compare it to the transformations some older franchises have gone through over the years. Personally I'd be far more worried about the fact that it's being developed by the makers of Heavenly Sword. "
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" @PS3RG said:
" I'm still not 100% sure that Trinity is the one who killed Rita. Anyone? "
Yes! I've felt the same thing for a while too. I thought to myself, "If Trinity was killing his wife for revenge, why did he go through that whole ritual to do it?" I expect he was waiting for Dexter at his house and was surprised to meet his wife instead but wouldn't that lead to a hasty killing, not another one of his ritualistic kills?. "
The actor who played Trinity straight up said a while back that yes, Trinity killed Rita. Think about the scene where Dexter kills Trinity. The words "It's already over" take on a whole new meaning.
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Man, you just made me realize how fucked I'm gonna be when I start my math class in a couple of weeks. I took an algebra class last semester and I already forget how to do this shit. Good thing I have an entire folder full of notes lying around.

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" @Bennyishere said:
" @AjayRaz said:
" @TheFreeMan: for a fool.. you put up quite a fight.  
with that said..  



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I might see 4, 5, and 6. MAYBE 3, just because I feel it was the strongest of the prequels (Which is like saying Doom 3 is the strongest story in the Doom series).
Or maybe I'll ignore them all together. TIME WILL TELL.

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Guys. Megaman Legends 3. It's worth it.

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" @SpikeSpiegel: No. That's just sick though. Why would people do such terrible things!?! "
You have very strong moral convictions, don't you.
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At the very least, it'd be cool if they re-made the original Halo:CE maps and put them out as DLC for Reach. I'd buy it.
(And, Blood Gulch aside, I mean really remake them. Not Forge World-ize what they can._