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This is a /b/ad, /b/ad, terri/b/le thread. : <

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I love you. All of you. This is the best community, and Hamst3r is the man.

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Why would I want to learn how to fart.

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The team meeting then descended into what cannot be described in terms deemed appropriate for human consumption.

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What exactly is defiant about it.
Also you're insane.

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So, my name, it's pretty lame, right? Right. I actively hate it. I made it when I was 14, as a way of mocking how in those 'WHAT CLIQUE ARE YOU' quizzes, I always came out 'punk'. It was never a serious thing, the name was always fully tongue in cheek (including the x in the middle. Blaze was just a normal ass nickname.)
But then I started using it in more and more places (Youtube, etc), and now I'm somewhat stuck with it because of the universal recognition factor of it. If someone sees a PunkxBlaze, it's almost guaranteed to be me.
BUT, I don't have time to explain that to everyone, so I just usually assume people assume I'm some snot nosed 13 year old kid who thinks It'S CoOl To TyPe LiKe DiS and put x's in your ALTERNATIVEPUNK WEBNAME.
Yeah, fuck this nickname.

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GT: Emopottamus
I'm not on every day, but when I am, I'm pretty much down for any game type. Yes, even Swat.

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@blacklabeldomm said:
" @josty81: Remember when you first land on the Halo, imagine with all the new technology how crazy good that forest can look.... "
May I direct you to Forge World, sir.
Not being sarcastic, go look at that shit. That's basically a preview of what Halo CE remade would look like, and I like it.
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Yeah. For one reason or another, you can't assassinate brutes. It's kind of irritating, there were times when it would have been super satisfying to have done so.

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At one point I started a level over again from one of the rally points and it didn't count it as me finishing it. Did you do that? Otherwise, dunno.