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Imagine a bombcast where the special fifth and sixth chairs are filled by HHG and Ice-T.
That's right, your brain can't handle it. Mine can't either. It was potentially lethal to even have the thought.

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I'm pretty sure, based on title screen and title card that Bungie wanted to just call this game Reach. However, as noted in an earlier post, most people wouldn't know what "Reach" is. So Halo was obligatory for the sake of brand recognition. That, and I'm sure it's somewhere in their contract for the game.
Anyway, that's why it's not Halo 4.

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Fuck you.

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@Franstone said:
" @137 said:
" @Franstone said:
" Medal of Honor is a long running series that mostly focused on the WWII era just like CoD did... No reason not to play this just because CoD went modern first, that's just stupid.   I'm pretty excited about the single player campaign anyway. Games aren't just about multi-player which most competent journalists make fun of as is. Already pre-paid on Steam, can't wait. "
Technically Dice/EA went modern first...  "
Technically I was talking about the game series, not the developer or publisher... "
Battlefield went modern first, then.
Anyway, why is everyone getting up in arms? Don't like it? Don't eat. I mean. Don't participate. Simple.
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That looks retardiculous.

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Crafton Hills College in Yucaipa, California. Majoring in fuck all if I know.

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@Stinky2 said:
" better than Reach's IMO, which to me is the weakest campaign of the series.  "
On what grounds?
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This is a /b/ad, /b/ad, terri/b/le thread. : <

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I love you. All of you. This is the best community, and Hamst3r is the man.