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Catwoman was the goddamn worst. THE god damn worst. Also fuck all of you Spiderman 3 was the best comedy of 2007. If you stop looking at it as a serious Spiderman film, and look at it as a Sam Raimi film, in all his cheesy bullshit glory, it becomes amazing. From Emo Peter, to the jazz sequence, to James Franco totally phoning it in as Harry Osborne. It's a masterpiece.

I liked The Dark Knight Rises when it came out but with the benefit of hindsight I want to pee all over that movie.

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PunkXBlaze is a really stupid handle I came up with when I was like 15 to make fun of the fact that I kept getting "UR A PUNK" in stupid online personality test things. Unfortunately I think the name rings a little too earnestly lol Internet to be taken for the joke that it is. Regardless, it's followed me since.

The avatar is Doom because DOOM. This should immediately make sense to a lot of you.

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@bigjeffrey: Saw that yesterday. It looks kind of interesting, but not as the Doom I want.

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@csl316: That's the sexiest post I've ever seen.

Also this is my 3000th post. Appropriate it be in my lasting legacy on these forums.

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@i_stay_puft: It's pretty much my autobiography. I couldn't legally buy cigarettes when I started this thread.

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Metroid mother fucking prime. When you were in the initial area on talon IV and you jumped into a pool of water, then back out, and there were condensation droplets on your visor. Plus the five billion other ultra immersive atmospheric effects in that game. I've had my fair share of holy shit video game moments, many of which have already been shared in this thread. But Metroid prime? Iunno man, it stuck with me.

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Diablo is pretty much doable with only the mouse, right? It's been a while, I honestly don't remember.

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I'm on my phone, so I'm not gonna give a long diatribe the likes of which everyone else is, but I will say this. Avengers 1 felt like the culminating of years of build up,and so it had a satisfying element. AoU on the other hand feels more like a set up for the next few years rather than an end cap for phase 2. For that reason, to me at least, it lacked the satisfying impact of the first film.

That all said, I still liked it a lot.

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...You know what, fuck yes, I would absolutely love to see Rayne as a Kombatant. I had never even thought about that before. I haven't thought about Bloodrayne in years.