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I've determined, via awesome quick looks lately, Metal Gear Scanlon which I can only assume is awesome given that I'm not a premium member (shaaaame) and Dan convincing Drew to go to hoodslam with him (I'm not sure what Hoodslam is, I imagine it must be something to do with wrestling. Because Dan), Drew and Dan are becoming the most awesome, unlikely BFFs. Unlikely because Drew seems to be interested in everything, and Dan is... well, Dan is Dan, and we love Dan because he's Dan. I would watch these two if they had their own buddy cop show or movie. Where do you stand on how awesome Dan and Drew are as bros.

Believe it or not, I'm stone cold sober, I'm just super bored.

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John Drake is my man (also I highly doubt Zoe Quinn will be there due to the current shitstorm)

Her twitter feed is a testament to her strength and willingness to put up with something that she or any nice person should never have to. She'll be there, because fuck if she's going to miss an opportunity to be with her friends and make a difference, however small, by speaking about her experiences on a stage like PAX. There's not an ounce of doubt in my mind about that.

Well she wasn't there, so maybe that strength you speak of was lacking.

So no one misunderstands, she did go to PAX and was even on a panel. She just had to cancel on being part of the Game Industry Rumble.


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It sure has been a day

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I got rid of my account some months ago. Haven't looked back yet.

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Just yesterday I realized Doom 3 is already ten years old. Suppose that's a hefty amount of time to wait for a sequel. Good thing I haven't been waiting near ten years for a third entry to a series I'm a fan of...oh...

Dude, I feel ya. Half Life 3 is also something that haunts my yearning dreams.

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I am normally against thread bumping and double posting...

But I wanted to point out this thread is five years old. What the FUCK am I doing with my life. I love you all.

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This is awesome.

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Yes. YES. This is everything I could want it to be, at least as far as a pre-alpha build goes. UNREAL LIVES, Y0.

Behold, as I now become 'The Unreal Guy' as well as 'The Doom Dude'.

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Hopefully, he's learned something from the Daikatana advertising campaign. Especially given today's cultural climate...

John Romero's gonna make you his consensual sexual partner. You know, if you're okay if it. It's cool if you're not, John's not going to get pushy on you.

I mean nothing you're not comfortable with y'know. Wanna just cuddle for a bit and watch netflix? okay that's cool, sure.