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Just yesterday I realized Doom 3 is already ten years old. Suppose that's a hefty amount of time to wait for a sequel. Good thing I haven't been waiting near ten years for a third entry to a series I'm a fan of...oh...

Dude, I feel ya. Half Life 3 is also something that haunts my yearning dreams.

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I am normally against thread bumping and double posting...

But I wanted to point out this thread is five years old. What the FUCK am I doing with my life. I love you all.

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This is awesome.

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Yes. YES. This is everything I could want it to be, at least as far as a pre-alpha build goes. UNREAL LIVES, Y0.

Behold, as I now become 'The Unreal Guy' as well as 'The Doom Dude'.

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Hopefully, he's learned something from the Daikatana advertising campaign. Especially given today's cultural climate...

John Romero's gonna make you his consensual sexual partner. You know, if you're okay if it. It's cool if you're not, John's not going to get pushy on you.

I mean nothing you're not comfortable with y'know. Wanna just cuddle for a bit and watch netflix? okay that's cool, sure.

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Not disappointed, really. I feel like I got my money's worth. Titanfall strikes me as a game with some really cool concepts, but that needs expansion on those concepts and some additional features to really come into its own as a prominent franchise. It's a bit like the first Assassins Creed in that way. I enjoyed the movement and the Titans immensely, and damn does that shotgun feel good. I'm hoping Respawn does a Titanfall 2 and improves on the initial formula.

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A merry emergence day to one Mr. Jeffery G.

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Sessler gotta eat

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What if this game isn't good?

I would be worried about punkxblaze's mental state.

I don't know if I can handle having my heart broken like that.