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This isn't really contributing anything, but my honest first reaction to this topic was a sort of perplexed "These are still a thing? Huh".

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For some reason all this capitalizing of Lost is putting me on tilt. I mean do you people write WATCH_DOGS too? God damnit.

You are annoyed by some very arbitrary things.
And so am I. I like you. I will stand with you in this matter.

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Wow, Ubisoft.


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Holy shit, how have I never seen that Johann Sebastian Joust footage? That might be some of my favorite duders hanging out footage I've seen in a while.

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Philosophy Bomb is my favorite! I try to stay neutral due to there being no real evidence, but I tend to believe that there is some form of afterlife simply due to self-perception and perception of the surrounding world.

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When you die, you find out the biggest mystery of all time!

This too. I find the prospect to be exhilirating. Not that I'm looking to die anytime soon, but still....

Death. #E3Mysteries!

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When I caught the DOOM 4 trailer the first thing I thought of was this thread. Had to smile a bit.

This thread is gonna be a mofuckin party when the game actually comes out.

The game is actually coming out. I have to keep telling myself that. It's how I don't drown my sorrows in moonshine every night.

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Huh. This is a real shame. I actually like a lot of GT's original content, like Pop Fiction, Retrospectives, Timeline, etc. They're not a particularly personality driven site, but the stuff they put out is usually relatively informative/entertaining. I wonder if this is why the Diablo retrospective has been coming out at a crawl.

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I believe in Dave Lang.

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