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New Super Smash Bros WiiU: Brothers of Smash Turbo Edition



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Today has been a fever dream for me so far in so many ways and this is contributing to that feeling beautifully

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I put on Hotline Miami, and straight murdered fools for 5 hours straight, with just the knife and nothing else. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, just jabbing. It was really oddly satisfying. As it was to watch you in front of the camera, Ryan. Thanks for all the laughs, and for making everyone feel like they had closet, yet furthest away, best friend.

You did the best thing. That's how to truly memorialize a man.

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Jesus christ this hit me right in the heartbox. RIP Scoops SR and the Motherfuckin' Nacho Boss.

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Fuck, man.

Just... fuck, y'know?

I dunno, fuck.

Love Ryan Davis <>.

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That sucks dude. I wish I could offer words of comfort, or advice, but I don't have anything. My longest relationship was eight months, I can't imagine how confusing it must be to suddenly just... not have something that seemed so sure after almost a decade. I hope you come through the other side alright, duder.

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@spraynardtatum: Not that I have any say in moderation, as just another duder like you, but I'd like to think there's a pretty well defined line that can be drawn between strong opinions and crappy behavior. That line pretty much comes in at personal attacks. The moment it goes from actual debate and discourse, no matter how heated, to saying personally offensive or malicious things to someone else, it's time for someone to step in and at least say hey, you fuckers needa take it down a notch. If it persists past that warning, I think the mods are justified in bringing out the ban hammers. Just my $.02.

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Kind of sad that this is even an issue, but I definitely fall on the side of we can't just ignore it. This used to be one of the most reasonable laid back forums, albeit with a measured dose of crazy, but a good natured fun type of crazy (ala the staff photoshop thread). For the most part, really, it still is, most of you guys are cool duders, but it's unfortunate to see that very vocal, very shitty minority crop up and ruin it for everyone else. I don't really have any constructive ideas to add to the discussion as far as stemming these sorts of douchey behavior problems, but just wanted to voice my support for dealing with them as opposed to letting the mess happen and doing damage control later.

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