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You know, with the rise of "Get Bopped" and "Get Bopped, Son" as the Lang-endorsed PG version of "Get Fucked, Boi" (I think he said he taught it to his kids so they could bop in a family friendly way), I wish GFB would kinda go away. Get Bopped is so much more fun to say.


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Jesus christ, Patrick looked so much younger before he became a cyborg and grew a goatee.

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This is what magic feels like. It feels like a pleasant tingle in my balls.

What I just said, I feel, is both accurate, and no more bizarre than anything else happening in this thread.

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You know, I don't think Ubisoft even knows what's so bad about the Templars anymore, and they know it, and that's why TEMPLARS ARE BAD has been less and less emphasized.

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I was real into nu metal and also THE DEVIL when I was like 14, so, this remains one of my favorites. Nostalgia, yo.

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@patrickklepek I apologize if someone has brought this up before, but I had a thought I'd like to present. I apologize in advance if it seems rambling or perhaps even directionless, I'm going kind of stream of consciousness here.

The last time I can remember gaming journalism, or enthusiast press, or whatever you prefer to call it being in this sort of funk (that is, people questioning whose integrity they can trust, people being scared away from the industry for obvious and valid reasons, et al), was in fact when Jeff was fired from Gamespot.

That led to the formation of Giant Bomb; a site that prided itself than and continues to pride itself on transparency, integrity, and being very up front about personality, opinions, and taste. A new kind of website, about video games. It's a formula people have followed since then with things like Polygon, Rev3, etc. It almost seems like it was a catastrophe that needed to happen to advance the industry forward when it was in a stagnant place.

Fast forward to now, and I feel we've hit a similar bump in the road. Albeit, this time, it has far more wide reaching implications; I wouldn't even for a second think of devaluing or downplaying the misery some individuals have had to go through for the past several months in this whole mess.

I guess what I'm saying is, as much as this is all terrible, and no one deserves the treatment these people have been receiving via assholes on the internet, do you think this is maybe a necessary process that needed/needs to happen for this industry to evolve and become a better version of itself? The last time, it was looking without, and seeing the kinds of damage outside influences could do to the gaming press, corporate ad pressure, etc. Now it seems like this is the other side of the coin, the video game community looking within to see what can be changed and improved to move forward as something better.

Here's hoping on the other side of this mess we're not all on fire with our proverbial hands at each others throats. A ray of hope, I suppose.

Again, sorry if this was super meandering and kind of directionless, I just wanted to put the thought out there. Thanks for your time, man, keep on keepin' on.

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I would hold back before you all get caught up in your /fiction fantasies about how much co-workers who work anywhere actually like each other.


Get along...sure

Share a beer...why not

Just keep in mind what they think of each other is ALL IN YOUR HEADS until they say otherwise. So talking about it as if it were real is just a bit creepy.

Dear sir, please stop accosting my harmless internet forum topic that I made for a goof.

Thanks, I love you.

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I'm not wearing any pants.

Join the club, brother.

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I've determined, via awesome quick looks lately, Metal Gear Scanlon which I can only assume is awesome given that I'm not a premium member (shaaaame) and Dan convincing Drew to go to hoodslam with him (I'm not sure what Hoodslam is, I imagine it must be something to do with wrestling. Because Dan), Drew and Dan are becoming the most awesome, unlikely BFFs. Unlikely because Drew seems to be interested in everything, and Dan is... well, Dan is Dan, and we love Dan because he's Dan. I would watch these two if they had their own buddy cop show or movie. Where do you stand on how awesome Dan and Drew are as bros.

Believe it or not, I'm stone cold sober, I'm just super bored.

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John Drake is my man (also I highly doubt Zoe Quinn will be there due to the current shitstorm)

Her twitter feed is a testament to her strength and willingness to put up with something that she or any nice person should never have to. She'll be there, because fuck if she's going to miss an opportunity to be with her friends and make a difference, however small, by speaking about her experiences on a stage like PAX. There's not an ounce of doubt in my mind about that.

Well she wasn't there, so maybe that strength you speak of was lacking.

So no one misunderstands, she did go to PAX and was even on a panel. She just had to cancel on being part of the Game Industry Rumble.