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For the first time in forever I can genuinely say I can't wait for fall games season to hit. I'm more excited to watch duders play new games than I am to play them myself. MY HEART BELONGS TO GIANT BOMB.

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Every single fucking time i've had a computer die on me. Every. Single. Fucking. Time. I'm almost numb to it now.

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Metroid Prime. Believe it or not, back in 2002, I had no idea what the Metroid franchise was, having not really had any video games in my reeeeeal younger childhood days. Shit. Blew. My. Mind.

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Man, a few months ago, I got shitty wasted and just like, bawled, for an hour straight. No idea what about, to this day. My point is sometimes you just gotta get real drunk and cry for a while.

Not that I'm condoning drinking when in a grieving state. That's a bad idea. I hope things get better for you, duder, with time.

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An example of a shit game is something like Big Rigs, or like some Barbie shit meant for little girls (that Quick Look comes to mind), or ET, or Wand of Gamelon, or Kabuki Warriors, or Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor. These games all are shit.


Because they are either broken or have no meaningful or set goals. Among so many other smaller factors individual to each game that you'd have to play; EG ET's visual mess and lack of purpose, Gamelon's completely lazy presentation in every aspect of the characters, cutscenes, animations, dialogue, etc, Big Rigs massive mechanical issues and lack of competition (that one is easy)...

Skyward Sword goes about things differently, and it's never broken. It just does things differently and that's where the issues come from. The backtracking being one huge issue that some people didn't like, but for me I didn't see it as anything major. Which comes back to it being based on peoples opinions, not solid fact.

What I'm trying to say is that it's not solid fact that the game is bad. Stuff like Big Rigs, ET, Kabuki, etc. They sold bad, were poorly received, very often broken games. There is a line. Then there is something like Deadly Premonition. Mechanically bad, but uses and specially focuses in other areas (like the story, characters, dialogue, etc) to make it a unique experience and not necessarily a totally bad game. So I guess sometimes there are things that blur the lines.

Skyward Sword is a functional, completable, but polarizing game. The others mentioned are either broken or have no meaningful or set goals.

Your point is sound, I think people are just giving you shit for using the term 'objective', which tends to be overused by a lot of absolutist, argumentative assholes on the internet and therefore gets a bad rap.

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New Super Smash Bros WiiU: Brothers of Smash Turbo Edition



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Today has been a fever dream for me so far in so many ways and this is contributing to that feeling beautifully

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I put on Hotline Miami, and straight murdered fools for 5 hours straight, with just the knife and nothing else. Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, just jabbing. It was really oddly satisfying. As it was to watch you in front of the camera, Ryan. Thanks for all the laughs, and for making everyone feel like they had closet, yet furthest away, best friend.

You did the best thing. That's how to truly memorialize a man.

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Jesus christ this hit me right in the heartbox. RIP Scoops SR and the Motherfuckin' Nacho Boss.

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Fuck, man.

Just... fuck, y'know?

I dunno, fuck.

Love Ryan Davis <>.