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Too bad this news post was overshadowed by the announcement of Game Bomb Ukraine and Game Bomb Russia.

I dunno, man. Vinchev Caravolkov's move to Ukraine sounds kinda dicey to me.

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@ant610 said:

How do you make a Giant Bomb bigger? Ginormous Bomb, perhaps?


The Biggest Blackest Bomb.

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East coast Beast coast Biggie 4 life!

We're gonna fight. BLAT BLAT.

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Though this makes me sad for purely selfish reasons, it is not sad, and I wish Mr. Caravella all the best on the not so best coast. (THAT'S RIGHT, SUCKERS. THIS BEEF IS ON NOW.)


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Man, I get why people seem to want to see survival elements and breaking guns and all that FC2-ish stuff in 4, but I personally don't. I loved that Far Cry 3 was a game you could just have fucking fun with, once you unlocked enough ridiculous bullshit. Glide, bail, and wingsuit into a camp wielding a rocket launcher and molotovs? YUP. So, actually, I would almost be in favor of upping the crazy, but then we start to get in to some dangerously Saints Row-ish territory.

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I played Amnesia on LSD once.

Don't play Amnesia on LSD.

(I've played plenty of shit drunk, I'm very bad at drunk video games.)

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You mean am I getting my bonus copy of Wolfenstein with my purchase of the Doom 4 beta?

Nah, probably not.

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@punkxblaze's hype level is at 10. Get a Free Copy Of wolfenstein with the doom beta.

I mean, Wolfenstein looks alright, I won't complain about getting it for free with the Doom beta.

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I know someone mentioned Descartes already, but I'll do it too.

You have to exist to be able to doubt your own existence. Everything else may very well be illusory, but your intellect, at the least, your self awareness, exists.