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@Ben_H: I expected Laguerta to go, too. But definitely not by Deb. And definitely not while Dexter's standing there in his butcher get-up. The butcher digs still unsettle me, actually. I think they should go and show him dismembering and doing the dirty clean up work to drive home that he's a god damn monster. Maybe they did and I just repressed it.

Nah, they've never shown it. I agree, that would be some powerful imagery. It's easy to think of Dexter as the good guy in the show when all we see him do is stab bad guys in the chest. Nice, quick, (relatively) clean, and easy. Nothing too disturbing about that. It's when you actually stop to imagine him chainsawing the bodies into pieces, bagging them up, cleaning up the blood, all with a serene smile on his face like he's doing some sort of fucked up, macabre yoga that what he is really sends shivers down your spine.

I'm curious as to if they'll continue to take him down the path of becoming a total irredeemable monster in the final season, since they've taken it to a point where there really is no going back now. This is the first season since either 2 or 4 where I feel like there's been honest to god character development that they can't just sweep under the rug to return to the status quo. They've committed to this, and I'm excited to see it through.

EDIT: Just rewatched the first episode of the series. They do in fact show Dexter finishing up after a kill. Just a brief flash of it, putting a dismembered leg in to a trash bag amidst a bloodied room of cellophane and plastic sheeting, but it's nothing too explicit. Not the actual act of cutting up the body, at least.

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So...I wonder how long FFXV is going to take....

Never mind that, versus XIII still needs to get out of the pipe, but Nomura's like wait to see more at a later time plz.

I guarantee you that Versus XIII is just going to be rebranded as XV

And when it is rebranded XV, we will find out it is actually VII-2, because VII-2 is (not, but it is the Japanese Curve Ball logic) 7 1/2 and 7 1/2 times 2 is 15.


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Well, that fuckin happened.

Also I think this episode had as much Dex-Doakes interaction as the first two seasons combined.

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A lot of drugs.

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X is a must. An absolute must. I would argue more of a must than any of the 1-10 classics, but I'm probably outnumbered in that opinion. The Zero series is excellent, as well.

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Since when has Mass Effect given a single fuck about actual science?

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I just want a reason to play more Far Cry 3.

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I'm a dirty dirty cheater pants and have crafted a NG+ save via the use of a trainer with infinite money and unlocking all the guns. I wish there was a way to force the wingsuit, because having that early on would be awesome. Chose not to cheese the crafting and skill upgrades though, because that takes out a lot of the incentive in playing the game.

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The Walking Dead is not even a video game, so why should it win the Game of the Year award ? It shouldn't.

I am getting so fucking tired of hearing this "argument". With it you're basically writing off a whole genre, one with a long and storied history, as "not real games" Day of the Tentacle, Monkey Island, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango. You know, some of the all-time classics? Yeah, they're not "real" games anymore. Bullshit, of course TWD is a video game and one of this years best. GOTY? That is up for discussion. It's legitimacy as a video game is not.

It's a conversation that's almost certainly going to happen in the GOTY Delib Podcasts, man. They already foreshadowed it with a brief touching on the subject either this past week, or the one before that. So if you're planning on listening to those, be ready for it to in fact be very up for discussion.

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The too cool for school cynicism and/or irony is strong in this thread.

Also your first category is wrong. Obviously it's Avenged Sevenfold in Blops2.