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I've always liked the Sess. I consider him right up there with Young Jeffery G. as far as esteemed and wizened game aficionados. But man, I find him even easier to take seriously bald and with a beard. Now he's a man. A man man man.

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@gunninkr said:

XIII - I loved this game.

They could even call it XIV. The sequel practically names itself.

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Wow. Ray Stevenson is a fucking tremendous actor. I was not expecting him to go out like that. I'm suddenly very glad, because it means the spoilers I posted several pages back were bullshit. What an interesting relationship he and Dexter had. I believe what Isaak said last episode was true; they might have been friends under other circumstances.

Also, and this is the first time I've ever said this. Fuck yeah Quinn.

Edit: Composed my thoughts a bit.

So let's not even play this guessing game; the 'phantom' is the arson inspector. He'll occupy time while we proceed with the rest of the plot. He's a plot point, not a character.

Meanwhile, I firmly believe Isaak's death and Dexter's new revenge-quest against George will place he and Quinn on firmly colliding paths. Looking forward to seeing where that goes.

Aaaand La Guerta is closing in on our favorite serial killer, ever more each week. I don't know if her scenes are so short because they want it to be a build up, or because they don't have anything significant to write until the climax. I'm having a hard time sympathizing with La Guerta, simply because she was such a bitch of a character for the last six seasons. I'm really hoping she finally meets the fate that was destined for her since the end of season one.

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I haven't changed at all BECAUSE of giant bomb, but I'd say I've changed since I joined Giant Bomb, sure. That happens when you join a website as a 17 year old prick and eventually become a 21 year old asshole.

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I think depending on how good Dragonborn is, it could clinch it for Skyrim. I can't think of anyone that talked about SR3 at all past the first quarter, at best, of 2012.

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I like the overwhelming majority of "I just want to see the result".

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@I_smell said:

I'd remove fuckin "gaming culture". There is no gaming culture, it's just a marketing demographic to get you idiots to buy Mtn Dew, Pikachu earrings n a GameBoy belt buckle. If you listen to NES chiptunes instead of actual music, you're not in a culture, you just have a tragically small perspective on the world. Anyway I might more likely remove things like Kotaku and NeoGAF and people kicking the shit out of developers. Stuff like "this guy left Irrational, so from that we can decipher that Bioshock Infinite will suck". "This DLC was developed before release date, big companies aren't treating us right! Here's a database of how much time Notch spends on vacation, what a lazy asshole!" Reading that kind of conspiracy-theorist witch-hunt crap really rains on my parade.

I love you. Thank you for saying the thing I was gonna say, but saying it way better than I was gonna say it.

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Oh man, I didn't know this was a thing. I remember Joe Rogan urging him to start a podcast, but I didn't know when he said he was gonna go home and start one that evening that he meant it literally in its immediacy. TIME FOR A LISTENS.

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Obviously it's going to be Nintendo Land.