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I'm pretending this is the sequel to Cloverfield where the rift is where the CF monster came from, and now there are more, and humanity is getting it's game on.

It's not, but I'm pretending it is.

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@SonnyCheebah: BLITZKRIEG!

The biggest reason I was bummed at the end of this game is because there's no NG+ option. In a game like this, I think that would be fucking excellent. Maybe still start you off with basic inventory so you still have to hunt and shit, but unlock all the guns and the wingsuit from the get go so you can tear ass through the game the second time and not give a single fuck. So many of those early missions and outposts would have been so much more interesting if I could just air drop my ass in to the middle of the action, RPG in hand.

I know that has nothing to do with the story, I'm just putting it out there.

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@BlatantNinja23 said:

I listen for the drama. I want friendships to end.

Also I love moments like brad trying to say how much he loves a character in LA Noire, yet can't really explain why yet alone remember his name.

This. 2010 GOTY casts were the best so far. The multiple epic struggles between Brad and Jeff, I was pretty sure someone was gonna get stabbed.

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@PoisonJam7: If you miss with the rifle and they go on alert, but haven't seen you yet, just fucking book it. They won't sound the alarm unless they actually see you, even if they have a dead bro, so a lot of times it's perfectly feasible to haul ass to a different location before they spread out and find you, then continue your sniping assault. By the end of the game I got pretty good at picking off entire camps with the sniper rifle. The .50 cal you eventually get will take care of a lot of those issues, if you don't have it already, because it pretty much kills anything in one shot no matter where you hit them, except for the heavies, but it enables run of the mill headshots for them.

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This is making me want to purchase this game. I don't even like WWE. What the fuck, duder.

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4 is awesome.

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@Jaqen_HGhar said:

I have also caught myself in using "janky", but that is such a great word! Not used anything else, naturally, as I speak Norwegian usually. If I suddenly slipped in a "ostensibly" into my normal vocabulary, people would probably think I'm crazy.

So, wait, have you ever caught yourself spittin' straight Norwegian and suddenly a 'janky' slips out? 'Cause I imagine that would be a little jarring.

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I said a lot of those things before my GiantBam association. Okay, maybe not stuff like hot garbage, that;s 100% OG GB, but stuff like dope, hella, ostensibly, etc. It probably stems from my habit of using really stupid slang ironically, which seems to be the same thing Jeff and Ryan do. It's okay, they're good terms. Bummer is especially good, people don't say bummer enough these days. It's a real bummer.

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Actually now that I've looked at the list, holy shit it's hard to choose. A bunch of my favorite games ever came out that year. I suppose if I had to form a top 5 for 2002 it would be

  1. Metroid Prime
  2. Morrowind
  3. Wind Waker (Only in Japan, but I'm allowing it.)
  4. Super Mario Sunshine
  5. GTA Vice City
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@BisonHero said:

Metroid Prime. Just me? OK.

Also, that list seems wildly incomplete, but I guess it contains the sort of stuff we'd considers games of the year. But the equivalent Wikipedia page for more recent years has like two or three times as many fairly notable games.

I'm with you. Prime or Death 2012. Let's get this platform rolling.