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I just think it's weird that everything in the trailer is MGS3 imagery.

Those flower petals falling at the beginning of that trailer pretty much seals it being Big Boss in my opinion.

watch it just be some wacky shit where you play as all 4 snakes.

The All-Snake.

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Dude looks like Old Drake.

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Can confirm for legit. I'd be willing to bet the EXE is just an option for people who don't have Steam, whomever that might be. Direct 2 Drive games used to have a similar thing.

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@Snail: Why? D: I was just being a dumb teenager.

Nah, I'm kiddin'. That's just fucking creepy. Out of curiosity, what was the most info you had about a user?

The biggest thing or the user i had the most info? Probably Hizang, but i don't remember much of it, because it was mostly the answer of his own polls. Dumb stuff. Also, there was an user who was a Juggalo.


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I really wish The Walking Dead had been around during the fear gauntlet.

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Team Brad seems to be the clear winner, but I'm gonna throw in an honorable mention for GERSTMANNGATE 2012: FULL DISCLOSURE; aka when the 2007 firing story was finally told and it was about 80% accurate to what we all knew already. It was just nice to hear it finally addressed.

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Pretty much what everyone else said. While I'm sure the discussion will be had, the big difference here is that TTM was never a serious contender for 2011 GOTY, whereas TWD seems to be the big heavyweight contender against Xcom, at least among the Giant Bomb crowd.

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They should pull Arkane aside and be like "Hey wanna make another game ok here you go."

Though I dunno if Arkane would be great at handling a huge open world, both Dark Messiah and Dishonored have me believing they could pull off a serviceable TES game.

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Let me flip this shit and ask a slightly altered question: Does Nintendo still care about us?

They claim to, obviously, and they seem to be embracing a return to the 'hardcore' (I hate that phrase) with the WiiU, but at the same time they're showing blatant signs of not really paying attention to anything anyone says or wants out of them. I mean, I get it, they're innovating and doing their own thing! And that's great, but there's a really thin line between being the rebel and doing your own thing, and sitting there with your fingers in your ears going LALALA WE CAN'T HEAR YOU, REST OF THE INDUSTRY'S STANDARDS AND DEMANDS.

Nintendo strikes me as doing the latter.

I'm sorry, I went way off topic with that little rant. I want to care about Nintendo. I really do. I love a lot of their franchises dearly. Not the rehashing they've taken to delivering, but the more interesting entries in those franchises. Super Mario 64, Windwaker, Metroid Prime, etc. The ones where they truly instilled a sense of innovation, not just HEY HERE'S MARIO BUT HE'S HD NOW. I want to care about Nintendo, but I'm having a really damn hard time doing it lately.

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While I think this season has been awesome, agreeing with Aegon's rankings, I find it has one really weird fault. There has been no real villain this season, yeah Sirko was a bad dude who only died a couple episodes ago but he didn't really seem evil or anything. The bull dude lasted only a couple episodes, Hannah could (and possibly can but I doubt it) have been a cool villain but they went a different route with her, the Phantom felt so shoe horned in it was ridiculous, and it looks like Estrada may be another enemy(even if there's only one episode left in the season).

I guess the departure from the standard Dexter formula isn't really a bad thing because it leaves room for all this extra drama stuff to happen. I think the writers just felt like they always needed a killer out there for Dexter to hunt, it's just strange having this cast of possible antagonist who all but Hannah and Sirko to a degree felt pointless.

Also I don't get Dexter leaving the chainsaw going in the storage container, it pretty much just screams at LaGuerta that he's the Bay Harbour Butcher. Dexter believing Hannah poisoned Deb was a little out of character too, you think he would have questioned how Hannah poisoned one of Deb's sealed water bottles without her knowing.

Still even with some shortcomings this season has been a return to form for the show, especially after the disappointing seasons 5 and 6.

I think the lack of a real villain is made up for slightly by the background menace that's been building of LaGuerta making the big discovery. Also, it's allowed for actual, honest to god character development rather than the sort of one step forward, two steps back mentality that's clouded seasons five and six. I've said it once and I'll say it again, this season could have easily followed season 4, save for the whole doomsday killer thing being the set up for Deb walking in on Dexter in mid uhh... climax. Lumen's only purpose in season five was a vehicle for Dexter to get over Rita with, but Hannah could have filled that spot easily, especially with the contrasts between her and Rita; Rita offering Dexter a 'normal' life, but Hannah offering him a life where he can truly be himself.