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@bbalpert said:

It just hit me that (possibly) Shay had unknowingly been capturing the maidens. If memory serves, each time he "rescued" those creatures lined up with an instance of the maidens getting sacrificed. And the times when there was one last creature that Merrick said to abandon, those (maybe) lined up with the times that Vella was almost eaten. Vella escaped by attacking Mog Chothra each time it tried to eat her, and Shay's ship was mysteriously attacked by something each time Shay insisted on rescuing that last creature.

There are some potential holes in that theory, and I don't know what implications it would have on the plot of part 2, but I think it could be a cool place to take the story.

I just finished Act 1, and that seems to be exactly what was going on. I believe that Marek's talk about enemies approaching (up until the final group) was simply to keep his story straight and perhaps cover up his choice to leave maidens behind in each location. If I recall correctly, when Marek first uses the hostiles as excuse for halting the rescue, he falters over the explanation slightly. Obviously, in the final 'rescue', there was a real threat, which Marek more clearly states. This, I think, was the only time there was real danger as Vella and Alex were throwing a wrench into everything.

The only thing I'm really uncertain about are the hints at the end of Shay's section that he might not have actually been in space. When Shay collapses after the attack, the stars in the background fall or fade out, and he stays planted on the apparent floor, unhurt by any vacuum of space. Then, when Vella stumbles into Mog's mouth, she seems to be on the outside of Shay's ship, but inside the world of the spaceship Truman Show-style. There was what appeared to be the black background of space, minus the stars as it was when Shay got knocked out. Or maybe I'm just confused...

Now I want to go back and compare some images. I will update if I find any better evidence!

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I had a flash of inspiration this evening and came up with some limericks about the current and next-gen consoles. I know they don't scan 100%, but I still think it's mostly good. (Really, if anyone loves the first two lines like I do, I'll consider this whole thing a success)

There once was a brand called Sony

Whose balls were as big as a pony's

They made a Playstation

That splashed like a rasin

Which made them seem like a phony

There once was a box called 360

Whose pedigree was very misty

But after the spell

Cast by the Cell

It's team was left whistlin' dixie

There's now a new Xbox called One

Whose premise sounds not very fun

They took their all their lead

And wrecked at some speed

One wonders how many will shun

There's also a new Playstation

Which sounds like gamers' salvation

But as with the One

We won't know who's done

Until it's arrived on location

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@jackhole: Oh, jeez, I missed that. I wonder if this week'll either be just real late or also shorter.

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@cronus42: You mean after Brad May Cry? They usually record on Mondays as I understand it. Ryan just has to edit on Tuesdays

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@russcat: As I understand it, people have only been able to download other players' cities and mess 'em up locally. They don't sync back to the server last I heard.

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x2 for the quest! But really, this sucks. More bad news at the start of the year.

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Origin ID: GavinMilarrrrr (exactly 5 r's :P)

Availability: Wednesday 7pm-whenever, Thursday/Friday before 5pm and after 1am, Saturday/Sunday varies

Timezone: Minnesota, CST, GMT +6 I believe

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I just got home from work (about 4:30 CST), and found my MC client couldn't connect to minecraft.net. Then, I tried to just *go* to the site, only to be redirected to some site called Room Key, which appears to be some kind of hotel reservation site (that I've never heard of). I didn't click on anything, nor did I even wait for the page to fully load (and, wow, it was slow). Is this some kind of crazy joke? Or is something strange going on here? Reddit is down too, so this ends up being the only place I know to go for anything related to MC that isn't their own site.


Whelp, looks like it has something to do with this: http://www.zdnet.com/amazon-cloud-down-reddit-github-other-major-sites-affected-7000006166/

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