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@punpun: Welp I gotta believe you're being obtuse on purpose to troll me. I feel mentally and spiritually raped by this thread so I'm gonna stop posting in it!

Okay, reading your last post again, I think I understand your point. I originally took it as "you're saying video game rape is as bad as real rape." because I am an idiot who can't read. What you're actually saying I think is that the silly act of teabagging someone in a video game shouldn't even be compared to or seen as a real act of rape in the first place, right? Because THAT is what's trivializing rape.

I agree with that 100%, and I guess that's kinda what I was trying to say in the first place. When you see nerds crouch up and down on top of each other in game, a lot of them are pretending it's like they're raping each other. And they turn it into a funny little thing you do to your friends after you frag em. I know I didn't make it very clear, but that's what I was objecting to: not teabagging itself as some horrific act, but the idea of "LOL LOOK AT ME IM RAPING YOU WITH MY VIDEO GAME MAN RAPE RAPE RAPE!"

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@punpun: Oh that thing you said isn't what you said? My bad sorry for troubling you bro.

I'm talking about kids making a joke/game out of rape, which is exactly what they're doing. I never made any comparison between video game characters and real people.

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@punpun: Yo actually you're trivializing rape by pretending videogame characters crouching can in any way be compared to an entirely soul destroying act that happens in real life. Hope this helps.

Except that's not what I'm saying at all, but thanks for trying.

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Yup, it's called trivializing rape, and it's fucking terrible.

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Couldnt really call it digital rape when i very much doubt the genitals are actually modelled under whatever Dat uniform the solider models are wearing lol Although if they are cudos to attention to detail.


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Glad I'm not the only one. The stupid shit I say nowadays is nothing compared to stupid shit I used to say as a teenager. I read a review I wrote years ago recently, and it was just too much. I could not cringe harder.

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a alein gun that shoots plasma. also purple.

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it's like a human gun except it shoots plasma