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My interpretation of the constitution and the war powers:

You go to war if the safety of your citizens or your ability to protect yourself is at stake - and when you do, you go to congress with your clear and concise case in hand, and let them vote on it after consulting with their constituents.

I am all for sending humanitarian aid as long as it gets into the hands of the oppressed, but it is not the job of the United States nor is the power given to our government to "police" the world of wrongdoing, nor is it our job to help build other nations. These reasons do not justify sending our sons and daughters to die.

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Hello GB Guild War 2 players.

Recently came back to GW2 to play an engineer. Have 80 Guardian as well, and would love to join. Look forward to grouping with you!


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Please don't sell your games and gear. Consider it a collection that you can hand down to younger generations in your family tree. These consoles will be relics of the past in 30 years, no sense in selling them off. They are also the tools of your hobby and pastime. Bob Ross wouldn't have thrown away his brushes if he needed a break, would he?? Martha Stewart didn't sell off her cookware when she went to prison. OK, bad examples - but you get the point.

You sound like you have my personality... one extreme to the other. Instead, take a break, add more activities outside the home to your schedule, but don't jump ship completely. As with anything in life, indulge in moderation.

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@Icicle7x3 said:

@pureguava said:

On that note tho, anyone know a way the best way to "farm" upgrade components?

Farm Adamantoise for your 6 Trapezohedron youll need and on the way there youll get a bunch of other junk like Platinum Ingots to sell.

If youre not strong enough to fight Adamantoise yet, you can farm levels off the 2 fighting creatures at the top of the Pulse fields near the exit.

I won't be fighting Adamantoise yet. From the wiki: "It is recommended to come back after completing the story to battle them, when the party's HP is around 15,000 and strength over 1,500"

On the "2 fighting creatures at the top of the Pulse fields", which location are we talking about? Archylte Steppe?

But thanks for the tip, seems like a great way to come back and max everything out after the story, although I guess I'd prefer a natural progression up to the final boss.

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Sure wish I had seen this thread before I went and used a ton of my upgrades last night. So the biggest drawback here is that I won't be able to defeat some of the tougher denizens of Pulse? I suppose that is OK, it really isn't the type of game that is going to inspire me to look under every rock and grab every chest. Just trying to get through the story at this point (not much else to the game, heh) and move on to Final Fantasy XIII-2.

On that note tho, anyone know the best way to "farm" upgrade components?

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Behind you 100% Ryan. Right behind you. 100%.

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Nothing wrong with user reviews. I just want to trust the reporter. That way i don't have to rely on my lame ass friends to give me the deal?

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@H2Oyea: Not creepy at all!

Grats Vinny. Welcome to some incredibly fun, weird, rewarding, and eye opening times. I wish the best to you and yours.

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@MikkaQ: You sir, are the problem!

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Just thought this was funny... user score doesn't always trump. Gerstmann was right, this game blew...