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@csl316: Yeah i was thinking that... Because if i recall you don't see any Blue ones fighting with the covenant right?

God, I really should play though again without three friends. I've missed quite a lot of story.

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Hi, I'm stumped on this, what is the difference between to two? I've completed the campaign, and I think I missed the bit where it said anything about it.

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I really have my doubts about this, I mean, It's fucking based on Android. That's never good.

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@EXTomar: About £600 to £800

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Hi Duders, so here's the deal-eo. I'm getting a nice little bonus this month, and I'm thinking of getting a laptop so i can play some games on the go.

Now, I was looking at the Mx18 or the Razer Blade, but they're a tad expensive.

All I'm really going to be playing is Team Fortress 2 and Counter Strike : Source. So, if anyone has any suggestions and/or experience with some laptops, please do tell.

I would put my limit down, but it'll just be people posting the really expensive ones. Also, I do know it's going to be pricey, trust me.

So, any suggestions would be great. Thanks lads.

EDIT - Okay, my budget is probably about £600-£800

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Best news this year. Halo 2 is my best game of all time. Please hope they don't break it. Please Lord, please.

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@BearSpark said:

Unless you hack which would make you a prick because all hackers are pricks.


And of course they wont make it DLC only, they'll alienate a good portion of there market who don't have internet or those who have really shitty internet.

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GTA for the realism, and SR for the hilarious things that happen in co-op.

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Healer all the way. Which is very strange, due to me hating people. Heh heh.