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Imagine how much more awesome this movie would have been if it went an R-rating. The gore and action would have been glorious!

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This is so ridiculously good, it's ridiculous.

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This game, together with Final Fantasy 3 on android and iphone, cements the fact that Square Enix is not shying away from the new form of "next gen portable gaming". This might even be considered their endorsement of Apple and android products. Future xbox and playstation consoles better beware, for all the graphics and fidelity in the world, nothing beats a classic style JRPG from the originators.

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I experienced Counterstrike first as a mod for the original Halflife. This was at a small gaming LAN party of only 4 computers and we were all playing the Halflife deathmatch over and over again. During one of the many sessions of these deathmatches, the host of the party told us of a new mod that we should try. The rest was history.

I miss my sweet MP5.

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This is most likely a proper mutually beneficial agreement between both parties. Meaning, money might have changed hands either via licensing agreements or actually cash handout. Either way, both parties coming out smelling like roses and none of their interested fans are alienated.

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Comparing the two games, it's a bit weird. Like comparing fine vintage wine and pure blissful ice-cream. In terms of an upset, indeed everyone in the know sort of expected Bethesda to one-up their craft and produce an even better sequel in the lineage of the Elder Scrolls series but seeing the track record of the Saints Row series, no one saw it coming. Volition was just coming off from Red Faction and that was not well-received. It would be a triumph if Saints Row the Third become Game of The Year, though it may be upsetting the fanboys.

One must remember that ultimately, Saints Row became the seminal video game experience of playing around and having fun, whereas Skyrim was the pinnacle of role-playing games, a gem in a sea of popcorn games. Mega-upset? Nope, I thank God that it turned out the way it did as now developers will know that making batshit crazy playful games have a place in the hearts and minds of many a game reviewer.