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#1 Posted by putz (22 posts) -

I'd like to see a race between Regret and Dr. Robotnick. 
#2 Posted by putz (22 posts) -

I'm hoping beyond hope this is real.

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I think I'm the only person who wanted a direct sequel to Call of Duty 3. 

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Minutes to Midnight will go down as one of the most important records of our time.

#5 Posted by putz (22 posts) -

I think this game gets a bad rap.  It looks pretty good for a launch title and I think the combat is still some of the best on the system.  I could just imagine how great it would be had they been given teh time to release after launch.

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@cdstacker said:
"We're fine, we live long healthy lives and have an average higher lifespan. We also have found other sources rich in both iron and protein, it's sweet that you care though. "

Plants don't have enough protein though.  Meat is the only source of a complete protein.
#7 Posted by putz (22 posts) -

You're weird.

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You have a bunch of confused people running around claiming that they are eating healthy.  They don't what that you need meat to survive and it's the easiest most healthy way of getting your protein and iron.  It helps prevent diabetes and certain types of cancer.  What is wrong with these people and is their a way I can help them, help themselves?

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I have a subscription to playboy and maxim and my brother in law thinks that it's disrespectful to my wife.  But I only have these magazines for the articles.  Does anyone agree with me that I'm not being disrespectful?  I really want him to shut up about it.

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I've never played Phantasy Star II.  I've always been a Final Fantasy person.  Should I try it out.

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