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Sony can't really do shit, if the publishers are demanding PC style DRM.

They could. Publishers go where the market goes because they are greedy as fuck. If 50 million people bought the system with no DRM and 5 million bought the system with DRM, guess which one pubs would make games for?

For the longest time, PC games were treated like afterthoughts and publishers had the freedom to use all the DRM they wanted on PC. Why? Because console games made more money.

Unless publishers force everyone's hand that wants to play games. If all publishers ditch Sony and go with Microsoft, then what are gamers to do. Most console gamers just can't take it. They'll end up buying the Xbox One just to play the latest Madden or Call of Duty. As much as I hate to say it, but if I were a smart business man I would look at this as a long term money-maker there would be less used game sales floating around and more new purchases.

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I'll admit, it seems like a great multimedia device, but to pay $60 a year just to use it as such is ridiculous.

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Why is it that Gamestop is always the go-to place for everything ant-used games? Doesn't everyone understand that it's not just Microsoft selling used games? There's other places, like Craigslist, Amazon, and eBay.

And why are we treating everyone selling their stuff second-hand like they're pirates?

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What people fail to realize that most of the people that are buying micro-transactions are probably kids between 12-18 that have access to their parents credit card. Kids are really impatient and do whatever it takes to reach the top as soon as possible. So, of course EA is going to try to profit from this.

What I do predict is going to happen is that once this dies down, EA will find something else to profit from and it's something that will be forced on us. For example, Ubisoft's Prince of Persia Epilogue or Capcom's Azura's Wrath final chapter.

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I understand people not buying games used. A lot of people like the feel of newer games and the awesome feeling of being the first one to play that game. However, I can't see used games going away. Most of the games that I've purchased are used. And I'm not talking about a slap in the face to developers, pay $55 used. I'm talking about the most I've spent was $20, kind of used. This was for Tales of Symphonia Dawn of a New World. I don't even think they're printing that game anymore. I do this a lot. I wait a really long time to get a game and find it in the $15 or below used bin at Gamestop. Unless it's a game I really want. Then I would buy it new and that's is I can afford it at the time.

You see, there are quite a few reasons why people buy used. The top 2 being the game isn't printed anymore and people are on a tight budget. The sad part is that whenever I bring up budgeting as a topic, the immediately argue that if you can't afford it new then you shouldn't be buying games at all. If people can wait until they find someone selling their copy of say, Halo 4, for $30-40 after a month, then why not let them buy it? I mean, this is something that has been going on for years.

Who really cares?

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I never quite understood how these work, you take your cart into the shop and hand it to them? Then what do they do?

I suppose even if I did know how it worked, I doubt I could pluck up the courage to tout Pokémon in public.

Just just download it through the game. There's an option when you start the game called "Mystery Gift" or something like that. Then you choose Wireless connection and then you're good to go.

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DDR5 only exists in very small quantities. GDDR5 is more common. DDR5 in 8gb quantity (to my knowledge) does not exist. So PS4 has DDR3, didn't mean to troll.

Why does it have to all be on one stick? The PS4 straight-up doesn’t have DDR3 RAM, unless they’re blatantly lying about a very specific and trivially disproven detail.

I don’t get what your angle is here.

Yeah, I'm not sure what it all being on one stick has to do with anything, here. My current cards have 4gb DDR5. The newest NVIDIA cards (or is it ATI?) have 6gb. I don't see 8gb as being unrealistic. Also, of course it's shared between system and VRAM. Didn't we all assume that would be the case?

This is why PS4 can give PCs a run for our money for a bit, too. PCs are still bogged down by the fucking 4gb RAM/VRAM target with (generally) lower resolution textures than we could have. Maybe this will wake us up and we'll quick-step it a bit.

It's an APU. Shared CPU and GPU in one chip. I could be wrong, but I doubt that there would be 8GB of VRAM. Hell I doubt that they would use 4GB.

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Yeah, I was wondering why everyone was mentioning this. The highest type of RAM I have seen was DDR3. The highest GPU memory I've seen was GDDR5 and that went up to 4GB (not saying the PS4 GPU will have 4GB). As soon as I heard 8GB of memory, I immediately knew it was RAM and not GPU memory.

Also, why use an APU? I understand the streamlining, but wouldn't that limit what developers can do compared to a separate GPU and CPU?

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I sent Sony a tweet just to see of this is legit or not.

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I actually found Final Fantasy Spirits Within to be pretty good. A lot of people thought it was crap because it had nothing to do with the game, but that's just a bunch of bull shit. Every Final Fantasy game is different from the previous. Unless it's a true sequel, like X-2 and XIII-2.

You should also watch Final Fantasy VII Advent Children. Square-Enix did a very good job with that movie.