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You see why we can't have nice things? Because of this, Activision will be doing this to all of their games.

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@pw2566ch: It was never a geek show, Screensavers catered to that audience, AOTS caters to hipster wanna be nerds since 2005.

That's why I used quotes with "geek".

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I love Adam Sessler and a bunch of the writers, but G4 is one of the worst things in this industry and almost all of their content is trying to perpetuate everything that is terrible in this industry. Booth babe contests, whole sections and shows dedicated to watching a girl talk about sex while in an S&M outfit.

I miss Tech Tv and I'm really depressed at how far they have fallen since then.

You and me both. If I could buy you a beer, I would.

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You're not the only one. I'm getting a DLC corruption error message on my 360 version. Had this problem since the game was released and it still isn't fixed.

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E! Network, Style Network and G4 TV are all owned by the same company. And g4 "sold out" a LONG time ago.

Yeah, I know they sold us out, but I'm talking about going from a "geek" show to some... celebrity channel? That's a new low. Despite them being owned by the same company.

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Pretty much the title says it all. Did I miss something? Did G4 sell out? Did the Twilight Zone come to me when I was asleep and dick slap me in the face?

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Did it really say it was the PSP and not the Vita?

Unfortunately, yes. It does make sense though, a far as I can make out this game has been in development for quite a while - look at another topic in this forum.

Well, either way I'm still happy that another Shining game is coming out.

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Happened to me too and I don't even have DLC for it. I'm currently renting it and thinking about turning it back in for something else. This is lame.

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Did it really say it was the PSP and not the Vita?

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No community is fan boy free.

Also welcome to Giant bomb, it's a videogame, about websites!

WTF? Hell no this isn't fanboy free. Because I love all the things and fuck everything else.

Did I fucking say it was?

Huh... I guess not. Now settle the fuck down.