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This is pretty nice. I picked up Red Alert 3 Uprising. Now I own all of the Command & Conquer games.

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I wonder if this could mean Giantbomb then can't do quick looks on Microsoft published 1st party games?

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So can Giant Bomb never do a Breaking Brad on a Microsoft Studios game?

This is correct. Any video that is posted that requires a subscription to view or has an ad next to the video or in the video is not allowed.

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Failure doesn't kick in until students reach the age of 17 and begin to apply for colleges and discover that rejection and failure is real and there's a steep impact from that. So American users see failure in a game or app as a problem with that game, not a user error.

Heavily implies that the collegiate/job selection system is flawless, which ironically is a flaw with American logic. The onus is placed on the individual but the system itself is chaotic so no matter how talented the individual there is always a substantial chance for failure (unless they were born in a privileged position); particularly in times of economic stress.

That's kind of the core of his argument so the whole thing is flawed (and potentially offensive) as a result. Yes there are a lot of stupid people out there and people tailor their products to stupidity (hence the redundancy of sequels and shooters), but a simple change to education won't fix the vast number of issues that society has; certainly not before the already present damage runs its full course.

I was reading an article about patent lawsuits and how they've grown out of control (please bare with me here). Someone commented on how it may be due to the fact that there's a higher ratio of lawyers compared to engineers and maybe that's why there's a lack of innovation. Now, I'm an American myself, and am in no way good at understanding the everyday person. However, maybe this is another reason why we don't have innovation in America anymore. The lack of attention and the lack of taking risks. It's like the movie "Idiocracy". We focus on what we want. How we can achieve something faster and easier through internet arguments and lawsuits.

I honestly don't know what to say from here. A lot of people I talk to outside of the internet can't seem to focus with their full attention anymore. It's like I'm watching an E! or TLC reality show unfold right in front of me. I admit I have a short attention span when it comes to certain things, but nothing as important as politics, history, or video games for that matter.

What the fuck happened, America? You used to be cool.

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I haven't been this excited since Giant Bomb released podcast, Arrow Pointing Down. Does Gamespot have an app for Roku just like Giant Bomb's?

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That's nearly $1.00 more than what I'm paying over here in the southeastern US, but I guess you can just chalk that up to cost of living differences as well as your location relative to major oil refineries.

Cost of living differences? Shit, most of us people out here in southern California still make minimum wage.

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It's about time he leaves. Not saying this to sound like an ass. The video game business these days is very stressful and I know how it feels to juggle a busy work life and family. It's a good thing he did this before the stress overtakes him and it affects his personal life.

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@SomeDeliCook: While I agree with you entirely, I hope you're not one to think "Why don't they just put this [DLC] into the game before release?" type of player. This type of thing is primarily to dissuade players from trading the game in - and therefore hurt the used game market. I don't love DLC as much when it's laid out to the public like this (season passes blah blah blah) but I understand where the publishers and developers are coming from with the decision.

I guess I'll be THAT guy. This isn't to dissuade people from buying used. This is a way for Ubisoft to get their money at the start. There's nothing wrong with that, of course. Because I can still pick up a used copy of Assassin's Creed III and buy whatever DLC or the Season Pass.

And I love buying me some cheap games. Go on to Amazon and buy whatever's cheap. Used or new, it doesn't matter. I just save me some cash.

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This DLC actually sounds pretty awesome. As for getting 5 expansions within 6 months, I think that's too much. That leaves little room to work on the expansions and make sure nothing goes wrong.

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@pw2566ch You don't seem to understand that to sell and to license aren't nearly the same thing.

Apparently publishers don't sell games, from what everyone else says. They license them to us.

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I wonder how much it cost 38 Studios to purchase those XDK units. And Microsoft is still claiming it belongs to them. *Sigh*, licensing agreements at their finest.

38 Studios didn't buy them. They paid a licensing fee to use them. Microsoft is in the right to ask that those kits are returned.

Well, that's pretty much what I meant with that last sentence.

It sounds more or less like you're unhappy that Microsoft should get them back.

At least pay some money for them or something. I'm not saying Microsoft shouldn't get the equipment back, but c'mon now. There's some money owed to Rhode Island. Throw them a bone.

Rhode Island has no legal claim to those kits, though. Microsoft should not be forced to pay money to reclaim property that is rightfully theirs.

So legally, they can claim all of the games that I have purchased from them?