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I have both but play almost exclusively on my xbox one as far as consoles go. Mostly because of friends I've accumulated over time on the previous xbox consoles. Don't regret the PS4 buy at all. Last of Us was worth it alone, and I'll play No Man's Sky on it soon too. Resogun is fantastic on PS4 as well and deserves a mention.

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Energy mode turns off console and stops downloads. 360gb at purchase sounds right for space on HDD. Runs out fast, and a remote HDD is the way to go. Dead Rising 3, Halo MCC, Titanfall, Forza 5, and Forza Horizons 2 are all fantastic exclusives. Some arcade games too that i really like(the launch golf game was very fun). Halo 5 and Gears of War redux will be great too this fall. The UI started off pretty bad(I was day one), but has been steadily improving. Now there seems to be a UI update every week, always around 250mb.

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Motorcycling is a thrill and I completely understand your enthusiasm. I've ridden off and on for most of my life. Dirt bikes in the beginning for quite a while before riding street. It saved me several times btw...those off road survival skills I mean. But just listen to veteran riders like MB and others. The danger is very real, and sometimes completely out of your control. That's the really scary part for us veteran bikers.

If you are down to deal w/that, then really be prepared with the proper gear first, and imo more importantly, the mindset you need every time you ride. Don't ride when you're tired or under the influence obviously. And just get into that hyper aware state of knowing where everything is around you at all times. Create space around you constantly. Assume everyone's not paying attention and be ready to react at all times. Always right in the moment, no place for other worries(sorta great tbh, one facet of riding I really like).Go for lots of rides w/others and gain experience. Don't commute on your bike if you can avoid it.

Not trying to dim your excitement, but I had friends go down a few times, had my own close calls, and I've heard so many sad tales. Be careful duder and and show that hobby the utmost respect. It is a ton of fun, just really be super mindful and gain experience with other experienced riders for a while if you can. Your choice of starter bike is great though. :)

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Oldest that I play actively is Diablo 3. Be it on pc playing seasons or the new 2.3 patch in the PTR, or playing on X1. Several times a week minimum. The endless search for perfect gear and trying new builds, and pushing grifts never gets old for me. I guess I'm one of those kooks Jeff's described about D3, lol.

I do revisit games like the Halo series(currently replaying ODST after that free re-release, and it's damn fun still!), and the Gears of War trilogy occasionally, plus Borderlands 2 upon the new 'Handsome' release, and some others.

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Oblivion really knocked me out at the time, so i voted for that. Fallout:New Vegas was Obsidian, and some Black Isle guys so I didn't vote for it but I liked it much more than Fallout 3.

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The terrorist hunt reveal has perked my interest, whereas there was not much before. Loved that mode in the RB6: Vegas games.

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Pure sublime shooting mechanics: Destiny easily. Effects, impact, and 'feel': Gears of War.

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Yeah this is pretty awesome. Makes you believe positive societal progress is not only happening now, but is inevitable. Feels good.

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$20 'bundle' for cosmetic goodies for day one players. How generous. Yeah, Bungie/Acti really listening to their fans here. :/

Starting to feel as though Luke Smith is just caught in the middle though. No one above those guys gives much of a shit apparently.

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@big_jon said:

Something big happened over there to change that studios culture I swear.

Yeah I knew something big was changing internally back when they inexplicably fired Marty O'Donnell.

This is great; analogy par excellence!!!:

'It's like they opened up this cheap burrito stand that only sells one burrito, and that burrito is pretty good! So you stop by and get that same burrito every day at lunch for a month, then holy crap, why are you still getting this burrito? You're so sick of it, but woah! Now they'll add green chile to the burrito for twice the price, so what the heck, you still go there for another month. You hate yourself, the burrito guy is such an asshole, the burrito still tastes pretty good, but man you've eaten so many burritos, what the hell are you doing with your life? The burrito guy starts handing out flyers 'cus he's adding cheese to the burrito next month for 2 bucks more. Two bucks for cheese? "If I showed you a picture of this burrito covered in cheese, you'd throw money at the poster" he tells you. Fuck that guy and his now 10 dollar burrito. You never want to see another burrito like his for as long as you live.'