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Hell of a necro here but I couldn't resist. In short no, not the best game ever. However, it's one of my all time favs. I really fell deeply in love w/Oblivion when that game dropped. Anyone remember Greg K's 10 hr. or so stream when it released...great times there.

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Dragon Age Inquisition easily right now. Although DA2 was a disappointment, it really looks like EA gave the Inquisition team the time and resources to make a great DA game. Frostbite 3 for starters. Everything I've seen so far looks amazing.

The Witcher 3 does look ridiculous visually, in a get a new card kinda way...but seriously PCDR can make a gorgeous game. The thing is will the gameplay be more fluid and will the quests be interesting and less tedious? TW2 had some serious diff spiking gameplay w/tons of trial and error that I felt took away from my experience. Some probably loved that stuff, but I guess I prefer to have my character feel more powerful and less vulnerable than they made Geralt feel in that game. I'll play both games regardless because it's my fav genre. Hope they're both great and super memorable.

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Western RPG for me has to be Mass Effect 2, but I thoroughly loved E.S. Oblivion too.

JRPG is harder; probably Lost Odyssey, and then Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen following closely behind.

EDIT: CRS here: Loved me some Fallout: New Vegas....sooo yeah. :D

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This game has captured people's imaginations and of course questions about the game are gonna come out of the every corner and concern.

Also, I can't help the feeling that the high expectations and hype growing around NMS won't or can't be met.

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BBC2 easily overall, but I do love the 64 player conquest matches on BF4's huge maps.

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I know its only 2 years old but I'm both suprised and happy that the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer has been as active as it has been, granted you only need 4 players at a time.

Agreed, and that's because it's still a ton of fun to play that mp, especially w/friends. So many characters, maps, and loot to play/get now after all those free add-ons. Last time I played(been a few months tbh), games filled just as fast as ever.

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Suarez is obviously a sick individual, and FIFA has done a terrible job dealing with him in the past about his biting other players...just mind boggling and wreaks of greed and impropriety. The credibility of the World Cup and FIFA especially, now are in question if appropriate actions are not taken about this incident soon.

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Personally, I've grown to really enjoy the World Cup. The athleticism on display is just ridiculous by these world class futbol players. As a sports fan it's a ton of fun; wish it wasn't only every 4 years. However the flopping and faking injuries and purposely burning the clock(no timeouts for injuriesWTF?)is super annoying to me. Not a deal breaker by any means but it really stands out as a detraction. And some others have noticed too:


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Oldest to more recent, and off the top:

1.) Cool Hand Luke(best film of several of the actors careers imo)

2.) Schindler's List

3.) No Country for Old Men(held up well to the terrific book)

Movies that I really enjoyed but maybe not so much 'must watch' types: Pulp Fiction, Alien, Predator etc.

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Yeah, he may have a point, especially after I read about that astonishing $4 million a year youtuber claim.