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My fav definitive source for info for DH stuff:

This guy knows it all and is an easy watch/listen. His youtube tutorials and/or streams are extremely helpful for anyone wanting to get educated on the DH class.

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@jacksmedulla said:

I just got back into Diablo 3 after a decent hiatus, and I'm kind of lost now. I have a level 30 paragon Demon Hunter, and I don't understand what the best options are for me to progress further. I've been playing adventure mode, however I don't understand what the rifts are for or what the best ways for me to get better gear are. Would you mind clarifying it for me a bit?

Do bounties and run rifts mostly. Bounties can yield some unique bounty only stuff. Royal Ring of Grandeur is most important because it allows you to run only 5 pieces of the Marauders set instead of 6, and get all the perks the set has. It drops from Act 1 bounty bags btw, and has a chance to drop from Act 4 or 5 bounty bags too I think. Marauders is the set you want for your sentries to shoot your spenders. Play on the highest torment you can for better chances for the good gear of course. Play in groups of DHs for even better chances too if possible. Greater rifts get you legendary gems, and you lvl them by completing harder and harder versions. You'll need socketed rings and neck to use them so look for those. Best gems imo are the pet damage gem(works for sentries too), can't remember the name right now, Bane of the Trapped(damage bonus to enemies under control impairing effects), and Zei's (which adds damage to enemies based on distance from them). There are some other great ones too...preferences obviously. Build and elemental choices are a factor for DH too, but the Marauders are key for highest torment. It goes on and on really. Ask anything gear or skill specific if you need to duder.

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The new ancient legs aren't that distinctive. They just kinda have a thin orange frame around the thumbnail of the item. It's easy to miss 'em. Anyway, for an end game character this is gonna be a grind. I only have bow(pretty much need Krider), Cindercoat, Rucksack, Witching Hour or Harrington's(my preference), and just maybe a leg ring/neck combo to beat my current Traveler's, to possibly replace and improve on. The new gobs do drop a ton of stuff. I had a gem pack drop me about 200 gems in a couple minutes. Double gob weekend too starting tonight at midnight pretty sure.

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@mb said:

I have an M6 Demon Hunter, 2.1.2 made T6 feel like T3 used to. I do miss being able to just drop all my sentries and then check email or something, though.

I hear ya. I've always played DH this way though, so it's not much of a transition for me. Still a good idea imo for the class. Maybe they need to implement a T7-T10 or something to keep it from being all about GR time, and/or seasons.

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So the latest iteration/patch for D3 is live for PC, PS4, and XB1. There are new ancient versions of legs to find that can be the new bis pieces, and a whole new variety of Goblins to kill and get gems, shards, gold and loot from. Season 2 is next/soon for pc(might be up today?). New class set features and functionality changes too. It's a fun addition. For my end game Demon Hunters on pc and XB1 it's made them even more op. T6 is a pushover, even more than before, despite the more interactive play style(sentries only shoot what you shoot so Kridershot is king, and Taskers are kinda irrelevant). It's all about GR challenge I guess, and lvling gems, and seasons of course on pc. For a brand new 70, or those HC characters it's a breath of welcomed freshness I'd imagine, and maybe worth revisiting for many. The word from DatModz is Monk is back to being very dominate btw. Just a heads up for D3 fans who may wanna check it out. Didn't see anything on this when I checked just now. And for anyone who's playing again whatta ya think?

EDIT: Double gobs buff this Friday 12:00 PST is the word just now.

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Dorian is a character in DAI that is very well done imo; he's well voiced, has well written dialogue, and his back story is very interesting. He happens to be gay. Don't think it was heavy handed at all, and I found his character to be pretty damn compelling. Good on Bioware. Other characters were also well done and very compelling in DAI. Why are we singling Dorian out again?

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@brendan said:

They probably won't be able to address the criticisms of Destiny until an actual sequel, but my friend group is still having fun playing Destiny and I'm having fun with 'em so I'll have a good time with this stuff.

Agreed, and same here. The co-op is still a hoot.

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Many people feel the same way you do tc about Destiny. I really like the game too, and can't stop playing it. On the other hand there are some glaring issues Bungie needs to address to evolve the game and make it better and more well rounded. As you play more you'll likely see these things, and honestly, I think they will keep iterating and making it better over time. And btw, you could have left the Dr. Phil-esque advice there at the end of your post out. No one here at GB needs a lecture on that stuff.

Oh, and how do you know you don't like MMO's if you've never played one? Just curious, lol.


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Knew he was in trouble w/cancer and saw this this morning. Great guy. Will be missed.

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Put on master diff, play through all 5 acts, get to 70 and then the hunt for proper gear begins and the game gets more challenging. Flip to torment and keep increasing that until you gear out and you can farm T6. Then the challenge begins for gem upgrades and greater rift runs where difficulty has no limit. Then seasons, play a HC character or 3 etc., etc., etc.