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I kind of agree generally, but to be fair to Drew he's been wearing many hats lately, and anything Drew related lately has been golden imo. Comparing any content creativity on the production side to the genius that is V. Caravella might be unfair too. Give it time, surprises may ensue.

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I prefer the pc version. I played the 360 version to 1000gs and the duping in public games was game breaking. Freezes were fairly common too on 360. Maybe the much more powerful consoles will handle the game better; wouldn't surprise me. If you just wanna play with friends on PS4 it should be fine, but public will get messy I'd guess.

Blizz recently claimed updates would eventually hit console but they surely didn't on last gen consoles. Also, 2.1 isn't far away w/ladders and a ton of other changes, and the question would be when will the new consoles get it. Bottom line is D3 is super fun w/friends and loot is better in mp in general, so go by that maybe. I doubt I'll go try another console version, but that may be mostly due to too much D3 for me overall. I'd play Torchlight 2 on console for sure but those guys don't seem to have any console ambitions even after the great success Torchlight had on 360.

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Good read Jade.

I've really fallen for two of the ME ladies, Jack and Liara, so I get it. But the ME games are designed for the romance part. I've also played way too many hrs of D3 and my main is also a DH. I love that character and the gameplay style, but I guess I have always been so competitve w/that game that I never let the canon and character stuff invade me like that. I did enjoy that there were some cool extra quests that revealed even more back story on all 3 followers in the RoS expo.

I use the Templar for sc high torments because of the invaluable heals and unkillable relic leg,and yes, he really does play perfectly in concert w/the DH. But if you play hardcore, you'll never forget it when the scoundrel saves your beloved hc character from certain permanent death with a volley from his Buriza, freezing a room long enough for you to escape alive. :-)

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Want to finish the story(my first experience with LoU..whew...), but then I really wanna get into the mp, so add me please.


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Don't, apparently it's complete garbage. There are currently 90 Steam reviews and they are all don't recommend. The game is not a Sacred game, it's not open world, there is no loot - apparently it's an offense to any existing fans.

I'm pretty bummed considering how much I liked the first one and was considering checking this out.

I heard that coming and cancelled my preorder. A shame they didn't stick with the template of Sacred 2, loved that game.

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Hmmm.... today I had a strong urge for a big fat BLT with tons of bacon and lettuce, and Best Foods Mayo slathered all over. BP's going up just thinking of it.

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The internet is a bizarre place. Many post the most heinous, repulsive shit purely for the purposes of provoking some sort of reaction, not even believing the thing they've posted. I don't understand the mindset at all. They must be very lonely individuals. I usually flag or ignore, whichever option is available. Responding is generally pointless as that is the one thing they are looking for.

Agreed. But If I'm particularly insulted I will make a general statement type of response to send the message of a lack of consensus. The idea of making these types realize they are in the minority appeals to me and may help some. Report and/or flag, up or down vote, is the standard procedure though in the vast instances of internet hate spew. Less willing to ignore than ever lately.

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@beb: Never said it'd be an equivalent. If matchmaking is indeed unavailable how else will things get arranged?

Besides, almost no one will wanna play these raids w/randoms I'm guessing. Planning for raids in an MMOFPS, who does that?

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Perhaps, just perhaps, by the time you'll be running endgame raids you will have completed innumerable strikes that will be match made and in due course you will make and add some friends who will then be into the late game raids too, and they will have friends as well that they know and trust to play in concert during a difficult and challenging scenario. Just a thought. ;-)

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Hype Trailer! The game sure looks pretty if the trailer is any real indication.

However, Varric's little comment seemed a outta place to me, and kinda brought back the bite of disappointment that was DA2.