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An already great game with a very good expansion, and after 2.1 even better. In my top 5 for this year easily.

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I keep switching them in and out to hear their banter. If I need my best group I'll roll w/Vivienne(KE), Blackwall(2H), and Cassandra(S&B). If I need a rogue or wanna hear Sera's silly shit I take her in place of Blackwall. Against dragons I sometimes put in Solas for defensive help. I play a fire necro mage, and find his AI to be pretty smart. He almost always hangs back w/me.

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I look at the size of the Hinterlands as a training ground. I used it to try builds and different teams and to learn the combat and tactical controls. I was glad to have so much to do and the time to progress my characters before I felt ready to progress the story. It certainly isn't necessary to stay there if you're ready to move on. There are some things there that you'll end up coming back for later if you ignore them though(shards and Grey Warden items for example). And as far as collectibles go, I have to say Bioware got this stuff nailed in DAI. Every ingredient you'll need and/or make use of in the game at some point, especially if you play on hard or nightmare. The crafting system insures that. And things that are just found and converted to money, you'll be glad to have them ducats when you inevitably find a great and expensive weapon for sale. I feel the economy is very balanced and all the loot has meaning, unlike most other rpgs.

As far as the op, I agree the friendly AI and the tactical control is lacking some. I also wondered about the rivalry stuff, but to be honest I'll be glad if it has no more impact than just insight to the characters beliefs and perspectives. Also the character creator is huge and bad ass, except maybe like you mentioned hair style choices and beards. There's a thread here about people's created characters and they look pretty great.

Felicia Day was streaming DAI yesterday and her created character was just hideous. I mean scary. Anybody see her monster? :D

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I like all the characters. Sera is hilarious and an excellent contrast to some others. The banter when you have her on quests can be classic. The only one I don't speak w/much is Vivienne. Her arrogance causes me to never use her, but I hear she's uber powerful, so maybe someday.

I actually like rolling with characters I don't always agree with. I also find Vivienne's aloof arrogance to be off-putting, but her power combined with her great voice acting (and HILARIOUS interactions with Iron Bull) ensure that I at least like listening to her, even if I don't like what she's saying.

I agree, and I finally tried Vivienne, speced her storm and KE, and damn she's a beast! I can't ever see taking her out of the lineup, lol. But she is sooo caustic, to the point of just laughable. She routinely rips on Blackwall and he always seems very hurt and bitter in his responses. Sera just scoffs and sends the salt right back. It's obvious what Bioware was going for w/her and it works beautifully. Makes those grindy side quests less so for sure. I haven't dealt w/the conversation bug(very little party banter)yet; my party is constantly yakking. I read they're trying to track it down, but it's a mystery to them so far. People shouldn't go without this stuff.

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I'll watch Greg play an rpg...yes I will. :)

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I just run a mage and a tempest rogue, along with Cass, with my elvin mage quiz, and set ranged to defend. They play smart pretty consistently, staying out of the elementals mostly, and tac mode only for the tougher rift mobs, dragons, and bosses.

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I like all the characters. Sera is hilarious and an excellent contrast to some others. The banter when you have her on quests can be classic. The only one I don't speak w/much is Vivienne. Her arrogance causes me to never use her, but I hear she's uber powerful, so maybe someday. I think she has a rift tree you can fill out? Thought I read her and Dorian have the specializations to preview for your Quisitor's choice. I run Cass, Blackwall, and Solace 90% of the time btw, and put in Sera if I need some locks picked...or a chuckle. I need to use Cole at some point too and find out his trip.

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Land of Dans, rofl. Really not fair to the midwest. The horror though! :P

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Prolly been said, but invest Inq. perks in the second option(awareness or something like that)in war map and get the 'deft hands' skill so you can unlock some doors for certain quests like the Grey Warden's. Needs 4 invested before you can unlock it btw.

That's what I did, but if you do the one that's called Battle Training, or whatever, that unlocks additional tiers of your ultimate abilities. Though those master locks do tend to hide some good loot, good gear is so easy to find/craft, it's probably better to go the other way. Still, do what you feel!

Good point, but 4 completionists, Deft Hands is essential/required.

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If you use a two handed warrior in your party, as soon as you unlock the Forbidden Oasis you should go to the southern desert, east of the fade breach there is a hill with a hole covered in wooden planks. If you jump on it 4-5 times they break and inside you find a chest containing a 177 Dps 2H epic (purple) sword. No fights are required, so you can go get it anytime you want no matter your level (the sword itself requires a lvl 8 warrior to use it tho)

Can confirm. Although I got that same purple 2H greater sword w/182 dps. Helpful. TY.