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Weird audio.

So Brad got to play some campaign as well?...lucky bastard. There are some off screen BTB vids from PAX that I've seen that make the Halo 4 mp look really damn great. And this map seems pretty chaotic and fun. Reminds me of good times w/Halo 3's BTB .

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Although so painful to watch through from the beginning to the eventual end; it was just so awesome to see Brad get it done. Congrats times 10 duder. So ballsy with all the adding pressure as the tweets and comments mounted, and the poise to wait for the final shot was especially impressive. I believe the monkey is off your back boy!!!

And what a perfect end to the show. Enjoy Bradley. :)

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@Iodine said:

New engine please for the love of god

Love me some Fallout, but this has got to be requisite. No more upgrading that old buggy pos. It was such an unfair blight for Skyrim. Come correct for this one Bethesda.

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Saw that and thought it was a very cool idea. Sort of a portent of the game's content and what you will be a 'witness' to.

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Still playing. Trying different characters some and grinding thru inferno w/a DH. Patch 1.04 made inferno fun again basically. Drop rates still seem off a bit, and the AH prices are rediculous, but it's enough fun to play 'till Torchlight 2 and Borderlands 2 drop.

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Oh. Now I think I get the whole Guild Wars 2 hype/appreciation business. Thanks to Joe for a super informative, and at the same time, very entertaining look at the game. This guy's fine and got way to much grief for the whole Keighley face-off thing. His passion for games comes through loud and clear and is refreshing imo.

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Thankee :)

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I loved it. Perfect balance of story, exploration, and all new very cool locations. My fav ME DLC to date. Polished and thoughtfully designed imo.

The Leviathan being an ancient race is perfectly plausible, and their having a unique long term perspective on the Reaper harvests was fascinating. If you're a ME fan do not pass on this DLC is my recommendation.

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Borderlands 2 the most for sure, on 360, but Torchlight 2 as much as I can also. Basically simultaneously :). And god damn this happens too often.

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Mass Effect 2 for me, and the ME trilogy quite easily.

And I loved me some Oblivion, Too Human, Red Dead, every Halo game, and many others.

The ME series just brought so much ambition, storytelling, and immersion......and ME2 was just an awesome refinement of the ME1 experience,.... which had the best story in a game ever for me.