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No vote would be accurate vote for me. However, I didn't 'hate' the ending but it was too thin and the game was obviously pushed out before it was really done. The mp was just awesome though and a huge surprise that kinda balanced against the story ending so I was very happy w/the game originally. Then the DLC just improved the ending quiite a bit and the Leviathan stuff added some very cool canon and filled in some more story gaps. Yes I wish it would have been in the release, but I really believe most of this was beyond Bioware's control due to deadlines imposed by EA. Great game overall, and ME is my fav series ever.

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My advice is make a topic in the gamefaqs Borderlands 2 board. There are a ton of cool people there who help others out all the time. You'll get hooked up in no time.

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Borderlands 2 is really good and better than the first game in almost every way, and the story and plot, with Jack specifically, is just one example.

Foremost for me though, on the more important gameplay front, are the skill trees of all five characters that have options that are significant for co-op play and allow the characters to work together really well. When you take on some of the raid bosses it becomes especially apparent.

Borderlands had some of this stuff too, class mods come to mind, but BL2 does it better with much better skills and tree choices, and the characters and their special abilities are more fun.

And unlike you TC, my only reservation with BL2 is the DLC. Specifically the Torgue DLC. It's small, simple, and boring. Whether you like the giantly bombastic Torgue is besides the point. The areas and quests are just not up to par. Mostly imo, because Gearbox is not making this stuff. TBH though I'll play anything they put out because the loot and character progression is so good, as well as any and all co-op play with friends that it all affords.

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Absolutely it is. In terms of scores from the press at least. Curious thing for sure.

I think the story is interesting, but the choices are not consistently impactful. Also the game mechanics are just crap. The UI is a joke, and I honestly can't believe Telltale left them that way. It's a real major flaw that prevents the game from being anything more than average with the story carrying all the load. The characters, and particularly the VO is pretty good, but damn they gotta make the next one with some competent gameplay.

EDIT: I am only on Ep. 4 tbh. Maybe I'll see it a little differently if I can get through to the end. Ep. 3 was a slog for me though with those god aweful shooting sequences, so I don't know if I'll continue.

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I completed the game and liked it quite a bit. There were some really cool ideas that were improved upon from the first game. The way you could have all the classes and gear to switch from quickly w/the d-pad for one. The spell system was incredibly deep and customizable too. I liked the summons stuff the best. The final boss was a pain in the ass and super tedious as I way too many games these days it seems. The game ran fine btw when installed, w/nowhere near the technical issues that plagued TW.

Multiplayer was really fun while there were people to play with and the Village mode was fun for a while too.

The world was huge and beautiful(although the desert area was way overbloomed), but too underpopulated admittedly.

Still the side quests were interesting, and the storyline quests were especially good imo. If you already like the eastern Euro type rpgs, you should really like this one if you give it a chance and get into it a ways.

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Only excited for Dead Space 3. Tomb Raider looks good, but I'm really not sure other than that. Plus so many games from '12 that I still need to play or finish.

Could be a kinda long year waiting for the new consoles and launch games. More indie games on my pc for sure in '13.

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@Aterons: Sounds like Menudo, and that stuff works wonders for sure as long as it's good and spicy and with tons of lime juice.

The water recommendations itt are spot on, especially guzzling all you can before bed, but damn a good breakfast burrito w/steak, eggs, and potatoes w/tons of hot sauce does wonders too.

That is until Claude makes you laugh and some goes up your nose. :/

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Many great suggestions in here but I'll add a couple.

1. Sacred 2: Top down ARPG in a huge world with online co-op. 5 different characters to choose from and 5 difficulties to NG+, and lvls are pretty much unlimited. I played the shit outta this. Very fun co-op despite the grind. Priceless concert scene :). Be sure to install this game.

2. Too Human: Loot based rpg that is very deep and challenging. Multiple character classes and 2 player online co-op. Couldn't get enough of this game(400+ hrs and I have a friend who put in over 1k). The loot chase and character build up is nigh infinite, and the gameplay gets extremely satisfying as you fine tune your guy after lvling to the 50 cap. That they never put out any DLC for TH still makes me sad. That and the trilogy never coming to fruition...but that's another story. :(((

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Play it on normal. The combat is fun and at least half of what makes the game good. The story isn't bad just cheesy. Some think in a good way to be fair. NPC's are the best part of the story imo. And no prob beating it in two sessions.

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Riddle me this

Riddle me that

The correct answer's always got a Claude in it

Cuz he's mystically phat