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Really hoping COH2 gets out before THQ crashes and burns. Then I really hope a good pub will pick up Relic after all is said and done.

My sentiments exactly.

Ok, THQ, you've pulled the last trick possible to avoid delisting, and now it's time to go lean and mean or the big fish will come for your corpse.

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I feel you, TC. Diablo III is the prime example of a great idea butchered by bad marketing decisions and shareholders who don't give a fuck about what makes a game tick or not. Diablo III is a colossal failure. Why? Because they took the prized jewel of nostalgia itself and made it into a RMAH farce. That, people won't forget easily.

This is pretty much right on. Yeah it sold a shitload, but people have left the game in droves(under a 1k public games last I checked), and in the long run it will be looked back upon as a huge missed opportunity by Blizzard. PvP won't change a thing. The RMAH is a terminal sentence for the game and gamer disappointment is everywhere you look. If you don't agree fine, but most who've put in the hrs playing the game agree. Take a look at the Amazon reviews(read a few before passing judgement; it's not like Metacritic at all)...they are pretty damn reflective of the problem. Hell, Bashiok is even admitting the game has problems with it's fanbase.

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No. Finish the game and tourist the rest at least for a fair review. Completionist is not required at all. And be honest in the review about how much you played and it's all good.

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Yes, and the co-op is good as is the mp if anyone's still playing it. Oh and people love to exaggerate how short it is for some reason. It's easily over 5 hrs on normal and more on the hard diff, with some very cool visual effects that are already influencing other games since.

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The King's Speech, No Country for Old Men, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, are all good to great. I recently watched Safe House, and was thoroughly entertained. Good acting and well paced thriller; Denzel W. was fantastic. The Book of Eli was pretty good if you like sci-fi apocolyptic stories...The Road, not so much, just too dark and hopeless imo.

In Brudges is good but uber violent and grotesque in parts...not for kids or faint of heart AT ALL...still pretty good though. Drive is overrated imo. A well shot movie and pretty well acted but it lacked direction, and not near enough driving. Not bad by any means just left me a bit disappointed is all.

Lmao at the Wall-E suggestion(no offense). Too precious. <3.

: Alrighty then, I was wondering about The Grey, I'll give that one a shot. :)

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Nash wasn't willing to move away/play far away from his family unfortunately for the Raptors. He did not prefer to play for the Lakers and said so. Thing is the Suns get a bunch of high draft picks. They did well considering the situation. Me, I hate the Lakers but love Nash... so wtf now? Perplexing to say the least. I guess it'd be cool for him to go out w/a title win.

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So sorry Patrick for your loss. Surround yourself with family and friends and know that you are appreciated very much by the community at GB for your work here.

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All you can do is inform as best as possible and appropriate(ratings, content etc.), and then it's all up to the parents. Their responsibility completely after that.

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Gotta be ME3, even with the shaky ending and more corny dialogue than the first two. Plus the mp is so good it easily makes up for those missteps imo.

Guess I better play Binary Domain with all the responses it's getting itt and elswhere. The QL just made it look so cheesy and goofy... and that is part of it's charm it seems.

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Halo 2 first, and I distinctly remember being in awe of the whole experience. Those were the days. Then GR:Summit Strike, even better times...:))).