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It's best to search for them in Patrol missions, no?

Just got blue arms out of a gold chest in patrol on Venus.

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Yes. The game got exponentially better imo, and the bounties, rifts, and mystic are the biggest reasons.

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@oursin_360 said:

Don't bother, they never have anything good

Not true. I've gotten several upgrades from them let alone a ton of glimmer. They're everywhere, look harder tc.

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No, just compelling in some way if not. Last of Us is a great example. It wasn't fun for me per se, and actually very hard to watch at times, but it was an experience I'm grateful I didn't miss(PS4).

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It was over the top corny and dumb, but i see what they were going for. They want to pull the unaware people in late. However I don't think they were catering to their real target demo. It would have served them better imo, if they made a more serious ad along the lines of the raids videos, and especially one that made the situation/enemies the player will be in and will be facing in a more dire/ominous light. And oh yeah that 500 million dollar figure has been explained repeatedly as the budget for the trilogy, not just this game.

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Too Human 2

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Can't recommend BBF, and I did finish it on 360. It's a pretty bad game unfortunately. I liked some of the models and art but the gameplay was very repetitive and it just got worse overall the farther into the game you go. Wait for something more worthy imo tc.

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What an epic fail the camera is. The kinect I have on w/my launch One is mostly just irritating. WTF were they thinking? I get it to some degree but the planning and vision was so shallow and under committed on obviously. Death impending for this bit of tech I'd guess. Instant nostalgia I'd sadly also hazard.

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Kinda out of the blue for me, but if it holds a candle to the fantastic ME3 mp, I will look forward to trying it. Gonna play Inquisition anyway.

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Yeah I'm excited, even though I'm currently playing D3 on Xbox1. With dex giving armor, my DH will be able to farm T5 and 6 finally without needing dual unities. Ladders I don't care about. There is gonna be one new small area, and the loot portals are very fun and very profitable(20-50 mill gold per run ime in the PTR). Have to read up on all the nerfs and buffs still.