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I felt that this version of Forza will be the best since 3 after playing the demo. The campaign looks to be really extensive, huge car and track list, no micro obnoxiousness, etc. 24 car fields, and the rain and dark are great variables too. If you turn down the 'aggression' in the drivatars it's far easier to pass and drive entire races pretty clean. Looking forward to getting started this Tuesday.

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I've played 10+ hrs on X1 and have had none such problems. Playing off installed disc btw. Maybe try reinstalling and/or clearing persistent storage.....both have helped me w/other games. GL

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DD was such a freakin great game; good for pc folks who never played it. The Dark Arisen expansion was particularly glorious. If only I had a better graphics card....I'd get it and replay it on pc.

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I've added a 1TB HDD to my X1 and it's awesome to have the space. No more storage worries for me. Seems to dl faster to it too.

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@jakob187: Good point about the streamlined keys and mats for Hellfire necks. And what makes it even better is that they auto roll socket now. Now they are so much more worth working for and Ubers are more challenging to fight on T8-T10(a third can spawn). And DH can still be good. DPS is not a prob as normal, and there are options for survivability. Awareness, Smokescreen, and especially building your DH for mit and not strictly glass cannon. There's a new piece of gear too that helps a lot on mit, can't remember the name, a belt I think. The new Yang's Recurve is a game changer. That and being able to use the cube to basically eliminate the resource problem. New DH melee build/set(Shadow)has been confirmed too for 2.4. Kinda weird but we'll see.

Apparently, Witch Doctors are big group favs and in high demand.

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This patch is another great step in improving the game again. Getting rid of trials and the ability to select grifts, gaining torment 7-10, and the new cube alone are all awesome additions. New sets and weapons for most classes seem pretty great too. Bounties have more meaning now of course for cube mats, and I swear gobby packs are way more common. Drops rates seem the same to me but I've only been farming T7 so far. XP for advancing higher paragons seems to be dependent on grifting for the most part still. Super anxious about the new seasonal stuff on pc come Friday...I think it starts then.

Any duders from GB who wanna add me:

Seasonal on pc: Achilles5(#1771) or Xbox One legit only: PWEID5

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Still playing season 3 on pc currently, and on Xbox One as well. Mods and the duping on consoles is a joke but it's still fun with friends you know and trust. Waiting on season 4 and the 2.3 patch on both pc and consoles though. It's going to be another big improvement imo. Played some PTR and I really like where they're going with this next patch, although 2.3, on the whole, has been pretty damn buggy. Hope they get it sorted soon and before it drops on live and for season 4.

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Anything made by the Tillamook Dairy Co-op.

This is true. Their ice cream btw is redonk.

So many I like, but I'd be remiss if I didn't mention Mizithra. Soooo good on pasta w/browned butter. It's a splurge for sure as I don't even wanna know the calories. But on those rare occasions, it's quite the treat.

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Probably pong iirc. But in arcades maybe asteroids. On a console I think it was Lee Trevino's Fighting Golf on Genesis. Got really hooked on games though on the xbox back in 01. Gotham City Racing is what I saw that made me decide I had to get one; started with Max Payne, Halo CE, and Gotham later that summer. Good times. :-)

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Very cool. Needs sum Bakalar. Love how Alex's inner demon is fully exposed, lol.