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Elemental damage, set bonuses(generally Aug's and Crimson's aside from character specials and addition to), RoRG to make that easier and multiplicable, and aside from the general greatness of the SoJ, just builds that are fun and efficient are the order of business for me. Currently fucking around with the improved Mara's set on my DH.

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This used to be hard to be sure about but after 2 years and the new expo, it's Diablo 3 easily. Too many hrs. to count, and to the point of times.

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Yep, especially grinder games. What's weird is when sober it seems easier..who knew.

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Yep, playing this on Tuesday. Looks like good dumb fun.

Got it for X1, and I guess I'll also download Transistor on my PS4 Tuesday as well. Feels good to be looking forward to games on the new systems.

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@mariachimacabre said:

Torchlight 2 didn't grab me nearly as much as the first game did. No idea why. Reaper of Souls made D3 far, far better.

Same here. And I really liked Torchlight, and put in quite a few hrs. too really trying to get into TL2.

This latest expansion improved D3 in so many ways... just exponentially better than the old vanilla. And I'm into it for over a 1000 hrs., between the 360 and the various pc iterations. Playing daily still, due to this expos vast improvements, modes, loot et al..

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For me:

1. The whole Mass Effect series. Sorry rules.

2. Fallout: New Vegas

3. ES:Oblivion

Needs to be mentioned: Lost Odyssey

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Wolfenstein+crazy premise(to me lol...60's and all)+gameplay vid looks great+ex starbreeze dudes(loved their games, every one)=prebought and anxious to play on the 20th. Doom beta, if that really is a game, is just gravy. No crap mp tack on may be a very good sign actually. Gotta go scratch off another day on my calendar now. :D

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Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls.

Good to see Dragon's Dogma:DA gettin' love. Looking forward to playing Last of Us on PS4; everyone I trust says great things.

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Well it's been since CoD2 for me, so hell yeah, I'd like to see a next-gen WWII game. Thought about this too lately.

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Looking forward to this as it gives me something to play on my PS4. Fantastic news as by all accounts from friends. Summer won't be so dry now. :)