Dreamcast is the best system ever!?!?!!!??!?!?!??!?!?!?!

Yes the Dreamcast loved by many hated by some. released in 1999 The Dreamcast was the 2nd Disc based Sega System ( Well not counting the Sega Cd ) it was the best graphics in miles with awesome titles like Shenmue, Resident Evil : Code Veronica, Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio etc. I might be a Sega fanboy and exaggerating the epicness of The Dremcast but!!!, I have proof of how good it is. I asked as many people back in the day as i could about if you like the N64 or Dreamcast i still have the results I interviewed 134 people 123 people said Dreamcast 11 N64 .......................... wow........... even now i think those numbers are................mind boggling. Also the Dreamcast was REVOLUTIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Seriously though awesome graphics, Internet browsing which the Xbox-360 and Wii Don't have, It  was the first home system besides a computer to have Online Gaming... wow, and don't forget the awesome Online games, Quake III Arena, Phantasy star Online... which Jeff ruined with a Game Shark read here  i mean come on Dreamcast was awesome, or at least Revolutionary I'm out 


Halo Reach, Call of Duty Black Ops, wait what IPONE 4 OMG!!!!!!

If you guys havn't heard or have been playing to much Vectrex, Apple is releasing a new Iphone( Release date June 20th). Yep, and guess what gamers there is Farmville !!! YAY!!! :D. Yeah Right Farmville has ruined facebook the internet and now THE IPHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!. Come on Apple Seriously, Farmville....... Any ways Cod Black ops release date sometime in November ( ok i can't remember the exact date but whatever) has been rumored to have COMMIE ZOMBIES a spin-off to Nazi Zombies, apparently continuing the story. Not with the same characters but you know all the brain-eating zombies with.... whatever. Halo Reach Release date September 14th is going to be awesome!!! :D. I had the chance to play the beta at a friends house and loved it. With brand new weapons and some classics like scoped pistol i believe it will Make MW2 jealous, but a man can dream :( . 


Xbox Live Trolls And Noobs on FPSs

Hello i am new to Giant Bomb but very familiar with these issues on Xbox Live,Almost everyone who has played Xbox Live on Say MW2 or Halo 3 for a few hours with different players has met at least one of these Xbox live players. First off all i have to say is WHY DO YOU HAVE TO RUIN GAMEPLAY FOR EVERYONE ELSE!!!
A week ago i had sour luck playing with these degenarates, but it was very amusing seeing what they would say when i destroyed them on 1v1,Prepare to Drop and ,Social Slayer. Oh My gosh i had to become one of them for a second i couldn't resist when one said" what are you a f*****g 3rd grader you ride the bus to school" and he got owned I said "no......... i ride your mom". Seriously i meet so many of these people about 20 every 50 matches and another one of these degenarates was like " Sup Homies it's J.T. in the house" or something like that i said kid seriously nobody thinks your a "gangster" then he was like "I'M 14 A**HOLE GO SIT ON A D*** AND TWIRL" I was like calm down he was cracking up in the background and his friend in his normal 10 year old voice was like "nice one Jeremy" i started laughing and said " i will Jeremy"